1. Comment #1 (I have to comment as I read or I’ll forget)- hubby read Heidi out loud to us last year. LOVE. THAT. BOOK. Had never read it before. And The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables are my 2 all time most favorite books of all time…which is to say that your daughter is about to have THE BEST YEAR OF HER READING LIFE.

    • Micaela @ California to Korea

      Just started Heidi this week, Dwija! Love it so far. DH is also reading aloud The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren, and Half Magic by Edward Eager is on deck.

      I gave DH my budget for this year back in June (split between August and December) and I was worried he would pass out. Instead he shrugged and said, “Seems like a bargain for what their getting.” Could have knocked me over with a feather.

      I love all your curriculum choices, so no suggestions or criticisms here. :) Funny stuff, and thanks for sharing.

    • kmantoan

      I did have it memorized! Then my card expired and I kept entering the wrong security number from the back of the card!
      Addie has read some of these books before just for fun, but now I’m actually going make her write stuff about them. Bwahahaha! I’m hoping that by using some familiar books, it will help ease the transition into our new rigorous writing bootcamp.

  2. I’ve just recently reached the point where I have all the poetry selections for the year recorded, so it takes me seconds to insert them into the playlist I put on when the kids have Quiet Time… Of course, I’m in Australia, so we start school at the beginning of February! Maybe next year I’ll have it done before the school year starts:-)

    • kmantoan

      I’m in awe! I wish I would have recorded more of our memory work up front. Finding the time to record it in the midst of everything else means I’m still reading the memory work over and over again, or scrapping it entirely. I should probably just buy a CD or something at this point.

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