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Below is the original ‘About’ I posted back in 2012 when I started this blog. It needs a bit of updating as I actually write about homeschooling less than anything else. Nowadays, it’s either random hilarity or deep Catholic reflections, or my best attempt at them both. Sorry if you came looking for actual homeschooling information. Please don’t leave angry. I really appreciate you stopping by.

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a homeschooler. I’ve got 5 great kids and one supportive husband.  I originally thought the purpose of this blog would be to share all the great and “original” ideas I’ve learned since I started homeschooling. However, in perusing the web, I quickly learned I was out of my league. Beautiful lapbooks with hand sewn bindings that detailed the parts of a flower, organized school rooms with well planned filing systems, professionally designed and downloadable chore and reward charts, photos of smiling children in clean, matching clothes making a pyramid from sugar cubes-who are these people????

I rely on workbooks. My filing system is lots of binders; labels and covers optional. I will offer downloads in boring Helvetica font that will probably be loaded with spelling errors. The last time I got ambitious and attempted a  Charlotte Mason style nature  study, everyone wound up in tears.

Which type of homeschooler do you strive to be? But realistically, what type of homeschooling actually takes place in your home 95% of the time? I thought so. Around here, it ain’t the Lyceum, but it’s home education that works for us.

(Still curious? Here’s a post that’s sums up this blog in seven pictures. Plus, check out my most popular posts at the top of the page.Or send me an email at kellymantoan(at)gmail(dot)com with any nosey questions you may have.)

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  1. Found you through Jen’s link. I homeschool also (currently “down” to 3). Your description ending with the Charlotte Mason breakdown is me, to a “T”! I often read those uber-homeschool blogs and think the same thing – “Who are those people”! Thanks for painting an actual picture of my life!! Looking forward to reading future posts.

  2. Here through Jen also. I homeschooled in the far distant past. Now I read Dr. Seuss and Sandra Boynton books to the grandkids of which there are five (grandkids that is, i’ve WAAAY more books). For fun, I stuff them full of cookies and send them home lively. Then I take a nap.

  3. You are my (unmet) friend of the heart! Thanks for sharing your life on this blog. I have homeschooled my three daughters, but I’m down to the last one. The time goes so quickly. Somehow they survived their education with their mother! Homeschooling went a long way in curing my perfectionist tendencies! God bless you!

  4. Hi Kelly! For so long I had seen “This Aint the Lyceum” in other people’s blog feeds, and I thought that since I don’t have a kid old enough to homeschool yet, I wouldn’t find your blog interesting. HA. HAHAHAHA. I think I just spent 30 minutes of nap time here reading about your sweet boys with SMA, crying at how beautifully you’ve all adjusted and accepted the crosses. I have an autistic sister and a husband recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia; I’m no stranger to both asking and hearing others ask God why we were “dealt this mess,” as we say in pinochle. Thank you, so much, for writing with humor and honesty about your life. And you can be sure I’ll be a frequent visitor from now on.

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