1. Ciska

    To reduce the mess with the sensory rice bin, I used to place the empty baby pool in the living room and put my little brother and his rice bin inside it. That way he could scoop and go crazy with the rice without making a mess of everything. The rice fell into the baby pool and when he was finished, I just poured it back in the bin. I also made sure he was stripped to his diaper, so he wouldn’t end up sowing the rice through the house …

  2. Probably your dance routine at the end isn’t supposed to be the focus of this post, but….it’s all I can think about! My kids can’t STAND it when I do my super awesome dance moves for their edification, particularly whilst they’re trying to complain about something. What’s wrong with them?

    • kmantoan

      Once I’m dead and gone I know my kids will fondly look back with awe and admiration on all the times I shook my groove thing while ignoring their meal complaints or pleas for school help. And isn’t that what motherhood is all about? Creating memories amidst a nurturing environment?
      Or maybe our kids can join up and form some sort of support group for “mortified kids of dancing mothers”.

  3. KC

    Just clicked over from Building Cathedrals and love your blog! Just starting homeschooling first grade (after quasi-hs kindergarten last year) and I’m glad to know someone else has tears, too. Also, we have a three-year-old Edith–yours is the only other one I’ve run into that’s under the age of 75 :) I’ll definitely be back :)

    • kmantoan

      Thank you! For some reason, I always love meeting other families whose children have the same names as my children, even though I always make sure to give my kids names that no one else I know has. Go figure. We call our Edith, Edie for short and she actually hates her name as does my daughter Adeline, who we call Addie. Maybe that is why they give me such a hard time during school.
      Good luck homeschooling this year!

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