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Looking for a planner big enough to hold all your to-dos, schedules, lists and random flashes of brilliance without overwhelming you with flowers and boxes for tasks you’ll never complete? Me too! That’s why I created my ideal planner, ‘The Best Laid Plans”!

Click on the cover to flip through a 15 page preview at!

 Download the new cover as a pdf HERE.  

This 8.5″ x 11″ undated planner can be picked up and started at any time of the year. There are two-page month-a-glance pages, and two-page week-at-a-glance pages featuring a reflection by yours truly. (Now available as a smaller 5.5″ x 8.5″ pdf download!! Scroll down for samples!!)

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In my usual style, the writing ranges from absurd and funny to thoughtful and inspiring…or at least that was the goal. Most entries end with a few questions which might prompt your own journal or blog entry, or just focus your thoughts for the week.

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And you can jot down whatever strikes your fancy on one of the blank note pages at the back. Phone numbers, important dates,  lists of people you’ll still forget to place on your history timeline; the sky’s the limit!

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It’s the planner designed to manage the chaos of your life and not make you feel guilty if things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to. (Get an inside look in this post I wrote!)

Order a printed copy at for $16!

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Download a pdf for only $8!  Print at your convenience and the pages are guaranteed to fit in any standard binder (Trapper Keepers are optional but highly recommended). Like the new cover? Print it for your downloaded planner from HERE. 

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Purchase an 5.5″ x 8.5″ planner download for $5! Same grid layout as the larger planner, but half size to fit in a mini-binder or small planner system!

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small planner page
Note: pages do not have a grey border.

Undated and without my reflections so you can use it year after year!
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Once you purchase the file you can print it at home, or have the smaller copy printed for you at a local store or online.