{SQT} The Benedict Option

I typically stay away from politics and current events, however, when Sentinel Publishing reached out and asked if I wanted to preview Rod Dreher’s new book ‘The Benedict Option’, I decided y’all would just have to deal with a slightly controversial review to satisfy my own book lust. If just the mention of the American […]

{SQT} Up Your Spiritual Game With Deliberate Practice

While reading one of the many self-improvement books I frequently indulge in, I came across, once again, the mention of deliberate practice. Since it’s introduction by psychologist and professor Anders Ericsson in 1996, it’s cropped up in numerous books (like Grit)  and articles (see here) ever since. So, not a new concept for me, but […]

A Worthy Reception: Preparing For Communion Old School!

I first discovered ‘The Imitation of Christ’ when a beat up paperback copy was left in the back of our parish, free for the taking. I’m a sucker for free books, and not knowing anything about what kind of book it was, except religious, I took it home. It quickly became a favorite of mine, and […]

{SQT} EXCITING Summer Reads for the Ten Minutes You’ll Have Free This Summer

Just so you know, this post is littered with Amazon affiliate links.  BOOKS! Last weekend kicked off the start of the summer season, so now we like to pretend we have more time to read then the rest of the year. Yessereebob, during those “lazy” summer days of dragging children to the beach and preventing […]

Focus On Your Head and Heart This Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Lent is upon us, and we’re reminded of our need to fast, pray and give alms. Meanwhile, the secular world is all a flutter over Valentine’s Day, which arrives this Sunday. While the commercials are pushing diamonds, chocolate and flowers, why not invest in a gift that will benefit your marriage, and family, more than […]

Spiritual Books Too Good to Put Down, 2.0

If I didn’t inflate your reading list enough last week, how about a few more titles to try this Lent, or maybe, sometime within the next five years? All the ladies who generously shared their top picks with me were limited to three titles and only a brief paragraph on each. You can link up […]

Spiritual Books Too Great To Put Down

I love to read, but to be completely honest, I read spiritual works less than any other genre. The book I started for Lent two years ago is still unfinished, as is last year’s title. I don’t know why I can’t stay focused… Okay, well, maybe it’s some of that, but whatever the reason I […]

2015 Books and 2016 Considerations

This week is crazy with Christmas prep BUT I just saw Haley’s post about books and earlier this week Goodreads did a “See your year in books!” thing with streamers and confetti and junk AND ANYWAY I decided right now was the perfect moment to continue procrastinating on wrapping presents and share my favorite books […]

Bloggers Be Writing ‘Bout: Commonplace Books and Journaling

  I am greatly intimidated by a blank journal. On one hand, I love them and all their potential but on the other, I hate the thought of filling one up with anything less than this: Which is why I didn’t think my dollar store notebook filled with scribbles from my favorite books was much […]

{SQT} All the Books, Written by Better People

My brain is still on Christmas / Epiphany vacation but my fingers are typing their way into Friday and another episode of Seven Quick Takes. It’s official: we’re back into the swing of things and if you can’t get your act together to link up, it’s not because of the holidays, you’re just too dang […]