The Elimination of Charity and the Marginalized

Last night our family attended a Halloween party at Dave and Buster’s organized by our local MDA chapter and sponsored by IGT. If you’ve never been to a Dave and Buster’s it’s basically the Colosseum of arcades with a restaurant and bar, and for Monday’s family event, they whipped up a huge buffet of kid friendly foods like sliders, pigs in […]

Saving Money on Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage right now. Within a 24 hour period, I had two friends ask if I was interested in doing a review/ giveaway on the blog about their oils and I declined because I had just bought oils from a third friend a couple days prior. A search of Pinterest will […]

The Hard Work of Choosing Joy; A Practical Guide

To everyone who has emailed, commented or messaged me regarding the last three posts, I promise to get back to you. Thank you for so many kind and thoughtful words. Each of you deserves a personal response and I’m slowly working through my inbox.  Despite feeling like I’d written everything I had to say about […]

My Moral Dilemma As A Catholic SMA Mom

Living life as a devout Catholic, one who feels that everything the Church teaches applies to your everyday life, is hard. At best, we are misunderstood, our decisions considered backward or misguided. At worst, the world can be unaccepting and hostile towards those who choose to make sacrifices and hard decisions based on matters of […]

{SMA Awareness Month} A Six Year Journey

I don’t often write too deeply on Spinal Muscular Atrophy around here, but seeing as August is SMA awareness month I thought I would write a bit about my journey since that day, slightly more than six years ago when that acronym first entered our everyday lexicon. This year in particular I’ve reflected more on […]

{SQT} The Summer Bucket List For Underachievers

About a month or so ago, they started popping up everywhere; Facebook, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, every lifestyle bloggers homepage- the nefarious ‘Summer Bucket List’.  And every single post was littered with smiling all American kid stock photos. If you created one of these and we’re friends, I’m totally not talking about you. I’m talking about that […]

Five Mother’s Day Crafts That Moms Actually Want

The latest issue of Highlights Magazine showed up at my house making BOLD promises. Oh great, more art projects to clutter up my school room and hold onto for years out of guilt. NO THANKS HIGHLIGHTS! I shared the photo on Instagram and the general consensus was most of us hate kids crafts. I mean […]

The No ‘Poo Experiment Failure

Maybe it’s because I was feeling the Whole30 rush, or maybe I’d just spent one too many hours scrolling through Pinterest, I’m really not sure, but whatever the reason, I gave up shampoo about four weeks ago.And you know what?  My hair has never looked worse. Did you even know that going ‘No ‘poo’ is […]

{SQT} Head Exploding From All the Awesomeness

Reunited and it feel so good! Oh, I’ve missed you all; my readers, my Facebook friends, my followers on Instagram and  Twitter. It is like coming out of the desert to face a table laid with a bounty of gossip, current affairs, friendly banter, perfectly filtered pictures and spam. For almost two weeks I was […]

{SQT} My Seven Reasonable Demands

Welcome Conversion Diary readers to the latest episode of Seven Quick Takes. I’m honored to be hosting this week as Jen continues her reign of airwave domination. If you’re not a regular reader in these parts, please excuse the lack of scorpion references and feminine cowboy hats. Rest assured that Jen would not trust me […]