{SQT} Five, Seven, Five

Seven Quick Takes

We haven’t even wrapped up the Easter Octave and everyone in the family is a mess from all the junk food we’ve managed to consume in such a short amount of time. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m tired, yet I can’t. stop. stealing everyone’s candy. And so, here’s Seven Quick Takes in haiku. […]


My Conversion Story

Catholic, Seven Quick Takes

This week, in honor of the holiest day of the year (a.k.a. EASTER) I thought I would share my conversion story. I’ve always hesitated to share too much because I don’t want my parents or family or friends from my old church, many of whom I still see, to be upset or feel attacked. This […]


{SQT} Part 2 Of ‘The Florida Adventure’, Coming Soon To A Quick Takes Near You!

Seven Quick Takes

And now for the thrilling conclusion to “The Waistband of My Skirt Is Cutting Painfully Into My Extended Gut” a.k.a. #nationalmantoanwintervacation. (For the record, I didn’t mean to take another week to complete last week’s Takes but…. here we are anyway. But don’t worry, I made the remaining takes EXTRA wordy! And dropped in a […]


{SQT} Florida In Review, Part 1.

Seven Quick Takes

Where to start when describing the trip of a lifetime? So as to not bore you, I’ll try to keep it under 10,000 words and with only a few pictures, so as to not slow down your page loading time to a crawl. 1. We drove to Florida from New Jersey. Baking Memories generously covered […]


{SQT} Still Not Ready For Lent

Seven Quick Takes

Remember last week when I said I’d have a Quick Takes post detailing my Lenten plans ready for this week, despite the fact that I’d be in Florida?? Yes, well, I typed that with the best of intentions and then promptly made time for 100 other more important things (like laundry, packing, and last minute […]