As the primary educator of your children, you’ve been given a great responsibility. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the voices telling us how we should be raising our children. I understand that sometimes we need a more experienced friend or mentor to help us figure out the best path for our family amidst all the noise.

  • Do you want to incorporate liturgical living into your family but find yourself stressed out by all those crafts and traditions?
  • Are you considering homeschooling and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you overwhelmed with all the curriculum choices and not sure what program will work best for your child and family?
  • Do you want to supplement your child’s private or public education and unsure of what else is available?
  • Are you stressed, burnt-out, or stuck in a rut? Do your kids only recognize you when you’re angry?
  • Are you a chronically disorganized person who can’t seem to manage all the paperwork that comes with homeschooling?

Then one on one consulting might be for you.

With more than a decade of homeschooling under my belt, I can provide the listening ear and reassurance that you need while helping you:

  • craft a homeschooling mission statement to guide your efforts
  • organize your day through helpful routines, schedules, and planning strategies that anticipate stress and help prevent burnout
  • learn to incorporate liturgical living into your year, even if you hate crafts
  • build booklists that support and compliment the learning your child does at school
  • pinpoint what is working, and what isn’t, so you can plan a better homeschool semester or year
  • develop custom curriculum and lesson plans when a boxed curriculum just won’t meet the needs of your child or family

Through online video calls, together we will pinpoint what’s working, what’s not, and create a plan of action. Ready to book a session?


Or drop me an email if you have a question.

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