1. D’you know when people write LOL and they actually aren’t laughing at all really? Well not this time!! I’m sitting here and I can’t swallow my coffee!! LOL LOL LOL (& I MEAN that!!)

  2. Your post made me laugh! I have had to find a regular space for flowers because my oldest daughter picks me a bouquet daily from the wildflowers in our yard. She now has her own vases, fills them with water, and displays them proudly on our island. When I run out of space I suggest that she put them in her own room. Although at times they start rotting in there because she forgets about them.

  3. kmantoan

    Jennifer, coffee is part of a complete breakfast! Stop reading if you must! Swallow, don’t spray!
    Kellie-I had to draw a line with the wildflower bouquets because the kids kept taking my drinking glasses to display them.

  4. There is always room for a box of chocolates; especially good is a spot that isn’t front and center reminding everyone of how much they want some of your chocolates.

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