1. This is hilarious. I have to go check out that planner. I realized the other day that I hadn’t taken a shower in like four days. Then the hot water started running out way too early so shaving the legs is going to be pushed to tomorrow or next week. Not sure the husband agrees that it’s “totally okay.”

    • kmantoan

      I’m still trying to convine my husband the Amazon or European o’natural look is sexy. He’s not buying it. Even when I told him all the money we could save if I didn’t buy razors. Whatever.

  2. I think what I’m looking for in household planners and housekeeping tips is someone to come and do it all for me, which tragically doesn’t happen, no matter how shiny the planner.

    • Erm, somehow that came across as more bitter than I meant it to. I just get all excited when I see something that will definitely simplify my life, and then experience this sudden wave of realism that says, “No matter how much fun they make dusting look, they’re still not offering to do it for me. Rats”.

      • kmantoan

        Not bitter; just honest. I’m reminded of how quickly consumers snapped up Swiffer products. It’s still dusting people, even if the lady in the commercial is smiling!
        Just like you still need to organize your own day, even with that swank, tricked out Covey planner.
        I like this Docket download because it’s free, so there’s much less guilt associated with the failure to use it for more than three hours.

  3. Sarah

    I try and try to be as organized as possible, and like you and so many others, get tossed a curve ball over and over again, so many days there are lots of things written down on the memo pad, because all other planners seemed to not fit our need, many things get pushed off til tomorrow…and to be honest many days I do write down things that are necessary so I can feel accomplished, ie: feed children breakfast :). thankfully we started homeschooling early this year so lots of holiday “stuff” can attempt to get done on time (maybe) and we know we have actually done some work before then. Having a houseful of people with ADD or ADHD doesn’t help much so I’m left to keep everyone else on task, dh included, or else someone may lose their head.

    • kmantoan

      So perhaps “not beheading anyone” is something you could add to your planner? That’s something to feel good about at the end of the day!

      • Our usual goal for the evening is to have all the children alive, meaning: not killed by either of us. ‘Not beheading anyone’ could be added to the list, and then we’d have two things to feel proud of at the end of the day. We didn’t kill them, and we CERTAINLY didn’t kill them by beheading.

  4. “Do I really have such ugly handwriting? Seeing this is like hearing my own voice in a movie.” I hate the way I sound in a recording…it sounds so much lovelier in my on head. My daughter actually cried when she heard a recording I made of her singing. “Do I really sound like that?” she wailed. And unfortunately, she really does. It wasn’t long after that that she decided she no longer wanted to be a professional singer.

    I came here from Conversion Diary and just added you to my reader. You are a hoot!

    I will be praying for your son and your nursing situation.

  5. Sarah

    Bwahahaha!!!!!! This is my favorite thing ever!!!!! I was trying not to laugh and wake up my little nursling next to me but I am DYING. That is exactly what my water ticker would look like…..4 cups of coffee then onto the wine. And mine are too young to homeschool yet! Oy.

    • kmantoan

      I’m still figuring out how to sketch in an Irish coffee. I figure, if I can’t draw it properly, it’s either time to drink actual water or go to bed.

  6. Margaret

    We are best friends now. We’ll have to meet sometime in person! :-)
    Love, Margaret (HS mom of five – unschooling or whatever!) No one ever want to do what they are supposed to anyway, including me!

  7. Alyssa

    I’m not a mom (well, not yet, at least…) but have been considering adopting a personal “daily docket” of-sorts, loosely based around simplemom’s — when I came across this post. You had me laughing-out-loud (LITERALLY) in a campus computer lab. Thanks so much for that!!! :) Your blog may just go on my docket reading list for this post alone! …But as a sidenote, your kitchen looks AMAZING!

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