1. One person places everyone’s order. Sorry, 10 year old, I’m still placing it, I don’t care how much independence you think this violates. It’s less confusing for the wait staff, it’s quicker, and I’ve already fielded bizarre requests for “mustard soup” or “extra no pickles”. When we’re with another family with more kids, I’ll write the order on a slip and just hand it to the poor person.

    • kmantoan

      You’re completely right. On Sunday, I did write down all the kids orders on one menu then slowly read it to the waitress. And I told her, the kids can order water and napkins. Ignore everything else they ask for.

  2. These are good ideas. If we ever take our brood anywhere fancier than McDonald’s I will remember them. Currently we’re still in the McDonald’s/Costco-is-eating-out-so-shaddup-and-eat-your-hotdog stage, with all children under five. Maybe when some of them are old enough not to throw their food on the floor all the time…

    • kmantoan

      I agree. I think it helped that all my kids were coming off a two hour Mass with only a few stale Cheerios to sustain the younger ones. I’m pretty sure they would have silently eaten cardboard if that’s all that was offered.

  3. Great post Kelly..you left out how the waiter said that considering how many children there were that everyone was very good LOL…you know CONSIDERING! And to make up for my lame answer to the “So what are you reading now?” question I started a book called Lily Pond yesterday. A woman lived by and studied a family of beavers for 4 years and documented it. It is shockingly interesting!

  4. I think you covered the bases on that one! My kids always make us look awesome when we eat out, in spite of the looks of horror when we announce 5 kids, 2 adults, and do you have chocolate milk RIGHT NOW? My kids love restaurant food and eat like there is no tomorrow. One of my hard and fast rules is to not let them bring the free bread out, or if it is already there to not refill it. OR, just let the kids eat all the free bread they want, and then you only have to get them a drink and dessert. That’s always an option.

    • kmantoan

      Yes, if they fill up on free bread, dessert is usually out. However, I like the fact that a doggie bag means I have less work for tomorrow’s lunch so I’m not always against the bread.

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