I met Jennifer Fulwiler at the First Things lecture last night.

Flat Hair Alert
I wore three inch heels in an effort to lessen our height difference, but then Jen wore heels too and my hair went totally limp. Thus explains my oompa loompa stature. Someone, please send me some root lift and/ or a teasing comb.

I tried to keep my cool, but I quickly got a little carried away.

Too Excited
And Jen had to call in security.

Fulwiler Mania
She’s her own bodyguard. Joe finally pulled her off.

Honestly, it seemed the only logical outcome to placing me in a room with free wine and my favorite blogger.

Seriously though, it was a wonderful evening. Jen gave a super lecture, people asked ridiculously intelligent questions that contained big words I’d never heard of, I met current (and hopefully future readers) of my own blog (Shout out to Andrea, Julia, Lauren and the ladies from St. Malachy’s!) and passed out the cheesiest homemade business cards on the planet to some of the most kind and flattering people. It’s okay, I understood they looked lame. You didn’t need to act so excited to receive them.

It was just another reminder of how this awesome place called the internet can help bring cool people together.

And I’m totally never washing that green shirt again.

UPDATE: Proof I didn’t just use my mad photoshopping skills again.ย This meeting actually happened.

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