1. I think I’ve told you about the bumper sticker that states: “We already have death panels — they’re called insurance companies.” Medicaid qualifies. Obamacare has helped us in that Daniel can never be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions and they took away lifetime limits. It’s still a lot of fighting for us though and Daniel doesn’t have half of the issues that Fulton has.

    *hugs* Hang in there, Momma.

  2. None of us mind you sharing your sorrows with us. If this means that your load is even a little lighter, then that’s a blessing to us to help you.

  3. I love your blog! Many praises to your humor, honesty and great writing. If you were my friend I would ask: why don’t you send your kids to school so you could take care of Fulton? It would still be challenging but perhaps a little easier on you???

    • kmantoan

      I’m sure many of my family members and non-homeschooling friends would like to know the answer to this as well. Thank you for asking what everyone is thinking. :)
      My husband and I both believe very strongly in the benefits of homeschooling. At this point, we are not willing to compromise our older children’s educations by placing them in school. That being said, Fulton’s care cannot be compromised either and we have talked of placing the children in school if the situation demands it. But, for right now, the kids are doing well with online classes and that gives me the time I need to focus on Fulton’s needs during the day. I’d add that I think Fulton benefits greatly from having his siblings around during the day. We’ve always taken a year by year approach to homeschooling, so as Fulton’s (and Teddy’s) needs change we will continue to reevaluate.

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