New (Liturgical) Year’s Resolutions

We’re beginning a new liturgical year and now is when I reflect on my past year’s efforts in matters of faith, and, through prayer and fasting and the quiet of Advent, try to figure out what I need to work on next year. As we lit the first candle of our Advent wreath on Sunday, […]

{SQT} A Little Bit of Thankfulness

I did all my eating for the weekend yesterday; how about you? I just wanted to post a quick take to express my thankfulness for all of ya’ll; my online community of friends and readers. You cheer me up when I share the hard stuff, you rally big time when I ask for support, and […]

Seven Ways To Get Started With A Planner So You’ll Stick With It

Since introducing ‘The Best Laid Plans’ almost two years ago, I’ve gotten to talk to women online and at conferences about what they liked about my planner, or other popular planners. Many have also shared their struggles with not being able to stick with any planner. Now, I don’t know everything about planning and organization, […]

{SQT} Running, Cold Stones On My Face And Chatting With Jen

Seven very quick ones. 1. Sunday morning I did a 5K run for the first time in almost three years. …without training. The last time I tried jogging was the beginning of September. I managed to run the first two miles before walking a good bit of the third while telling my friend, through my […]

How You Can Help

┬áSince publicly announcing our plans to host orphans this holiday season, many people, online and in real life, have asked how they can help our family. It’s part of the reason I mentioned fundraising in my last post; I already knew there was interest. After giving it some thought, I wanted to compile everything in […]

{SQT} Costumes, Christians and Orphans

Feeling about 98% better this week, thanks to a large intake of Dr. (Kelly) prescribed Halloween candy, thanks for asking. 1. Let’s start with the obligatory costume picture shall we? (Website is being a jerk so picture is embedded from Facebook for the moment.) These were actually taken on Saturday before we left for a […]

{SQT} SICKNESS And Going To Bed Early

Be glad you’re reading these takes from somewhere other than right next to me and my pile of tissues. Hands down the most difficult thing about this cold is that I cannot yell at any reasonable volume, and thus, the kids aren’t taking me seriously at all. I’d already planned a mid-trimester break, so thankfully […]

{SQT} Dr. Kelly’s Office Hours

If I’m not writing powerful special needs posts, I’m just sitting back with a glass of wine late on a Thursday offering up bad advice for my Quick Takes. Sorry to be such a one trick (two trick?) pony. This week, Dr. Kelly is back answering the urgent questions of readers who wanted help weeks […]

I Am Not Exceptional, And So Can You

This didn’t start out as a special needs blog. In fact, I still don’t think of it that way, though lately it’s been a running theme. But a few years back, I decided to open up more about that aspect of our family’s life. I thought by sharing a bit more on the blog, I […]

{SQT}Wedding Registry Regrets, 15 Years Later

Last week, Teddy requested a trip to Ocean City, NJ for his sixth birthday. Since this week Tony and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, and the beach is one of our favorite places too, it seemed fitting to run away to the shore for a few days to celebrate both events. FIFTEEN years! We […]