1. I LOVE this! I keep thinking I should do reviews on my blog – and I actually get solicited now and then (though my page views are usually in the teens, too!) – but I just can’t see how I could find a way to incorporate that stuff into our already too-busy days. In fact, I struggled with just the one extra product I finally agreed to include this winter. AND I really want people to come read my blog for personal connection, not product placement. Sure, I’ll never get rich from my blog, but so be it. :^)

  2. In a busy day I’ve decided to read ONE blogpost to chill out…I’m glad I picked this one!! So funny!! Don’t go down the route of product reviews and giveaways, I think it’s the death knoll for what were once good blogs. You can get all the product reviews you like on Amazon, I much prefer blogs that show what’s in someone’s head. I don’t mind giving a product a shout out if it’s something I’ve discovered myself and am genuinely impressed, the best payment-if someone has a look at MY blog and push up my stats by one!! I don’t homeschool but I agree you can’t beat Melissa & Doug. (Oh maybe they’ll pay me to endorse them lol!!)

  3. kmantoan

    I agree ladies. I think if I want to make money off my blog, or my life, I’ll have to try the realty TV route.

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