1. At least you didn’t write a whole post WARNING people about the impending poor online etiquette. I’m classy like that.

    Okay, enough about me. This post has the highest regular word to “flesh” ratio I’ve ever seen. Is there an award for that? There should be!

  2. I keep thinking, “Oh, I’ve never become IRL friends with a blog friend before either.”

    I haven’t, quite, but I have:

    1. Become best friends via email with my hometown best friend’s former hometown best friend. (Hometown best friend moved cross-country at 15, which was nice of her, considering I might never have met her otherwise.) Far-away best friend and I later roomed together in college.

    • Megan

      (Cont., because the comment form is giving me trouble…)

      2. Become best friends via Skype with a girl who my boyfriend’s best friend met online while they were taking classes through a homeschooling…school. (Are you confused yet?) Sadly, my former boyfriend and his former best friend aren’t on good terms any more, but when I married that boyfriend the girl from North Carolina made my wedding dress (and flew to Ohio for the wedding, but making a wedding dress long-distance is a little more impressive).

      3. Become casual acquaintances with a blogger who turned out to be landlady to one of my college friends. We’re not besties or anything yet, but if not for our random IRL connection we might never have realized we live in the same city.

      • kmantoan

        Well, maybe you’ve noticed my policy here, which is if you comment, you become my new BFF, so you can add that to your tally too. Although, Dwija is working pretty hard to be my bestie so watch out.

  3. I think there’s a certain level among bloggers of leaving a comment in the hope of getting one. The bottom line is though, nobody is going to bother to continue reading more than one or two posts if they weren’t enjoying them. If a post is good, or funny, or sincere I’ll continue reading whether the writer comments back or not. Yours are always funny and if I miss one I’ll make sure to go back and read it. Jen x (but comment on mine if you like :-))

    • kmantoan

      Jennifer, You always are so nice to comment here. I always mean to stop over and comment more on your site. I’ll try later tonight, promise! You’re one of the people I would love to meet in person. Do you think we’d hit it off? At the very least, I think our kids would have a great time. Maybe someday I’ll make it across the pond…I’d bring you a watermelon of course.

  4. Leaving a comment… am now your BFF.

    I have been terrible lately about keeping up with my Google reader, and I keep forgetting to add my new blog favorites to my reading list. And I can’t remember the last time I used Twitter. And I blog like once every three weeks. So I’m really not in any sort of place to throw stones about someone else’s poor social media etiquette.

    Good to know about the rubbing alcohol for dry erase boards!

  5. I have actually met up irl with several virtual friends (I made through my previous food blog), and each time, without exception, they have been as wonderful, or more, than our online contact indicated. And I’ve gotta say I tend to forget to keep up with where I’ve commented too, oops. p.s. I love the blue cabinet in your homeschool room!

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