1. Anna P.

    That sounds a lot like my mornings. Ambrose coming in at 6, fully dressed, “Can we go eat breakfast?” Monica screaming from her bed “Is it morning yet?!!!” The baby, still right beside me screaming because, well she doesn’t talk and that’s what a 20 month old says when she’s woken up at 6am. And if I could drink I’d be right there with you. :) But instead I have multiple bowls of ice cream. It does get better, right??!!!??

  2. #3: Actually, I think you have the short end of the stick. Yes, we have a morning routine and all that to get Daniel off to his ABA preschool class but after I walk him to school (during which I may or may not be wearing pajama bottoms), I have the option of putting jammies back on and going to sleep. (I’m not exercising that option as much as I used to but I do have it.) I also have stuff laid out so that I don’t actually have to get up before 7:40 most days (to be out of the house by 8).

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