1. Kelly!!! You’re a gift. Thanks for the laughs this early Friday morning as I contemplate whether I actually can leave the house in Vortex Central.

  2. Oh my gosh, you’re face looking out the window!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you want me to die of laughter? I think you do. I think you’re trying to kill some of us off so that you’ll win first place next year. But we all know you don’t need to go that route because you are genuinely hilarious.

    You’re also still moving to Buffalo. We can figure something out with the ramp. Pack yo stuff.

  3. When I ask my teenage children to take a silly photo of me for the blog, they roll their eyes and walk away. I love that someone loves you enough to take ridiculous photos for you. :)
    Enjoy that one warm day!

  4. ROFL! Your face looking out the window just about did me in. You have captured my life precisely!

    And the 7th sign…well let’s just say we have two kids with November birthdays, you do the math 😉 If I make it out of Lent alive and not pregnant I will be shocked, and very willing to join you with mojitos on the porch.

  5. Oh man. I dream of number 7. Dream of it. I wish I could have a polar vortex of my very own just to get that result. Oh no. I’ve said too much.

    In all seriousness (or not) I will totes move to HI with you. Probably we can find an old pot farm deep in a forest and create a very unique Catholic commune.

  6. Okay….your #7 cracked me up. I’ve got a Sept and an Oct baby, athough in the interest of full disclaimer the Sept baby was conceived when we live in Fl and the Oct baby when we lived in TN, neither of which can be considered a polar vortex.

  7. I hear you on the cold, but it would be neat if you moved to Buffalo. My daughter and her husband live in Buffalo and we were there in early January when the Vortex (and a lake-effect blizzard) hit. Whoo boy, was that ever chilly! Buffalo is such a cool city and I love it every time I visit; in fact I’m hoping to wrangle a deal where I can spend summers there, since summer down South is a miserable experience.

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