1. Oh LAWD! I can’t even take it! The one with you in the monkey hat. The noise I made while laughing is not my normal loud cackling laugh…it’s a wheezing, dying sound.

    I actually thought you were serious at first and when I saw the pile of clothes I was like, “Oh, okay. I guess it’s for the whole family?” HAHAHAHA! You are hilarious!

    • kmantoan

      I should probably let it be known that despite my early enthusiasm, I won’t be able to organize an East Coast Edel for the same weekend as the Austin gathering. I need to learn to stop and think before I open my yap.

  2. Okay-I’ve just been able to take off the “stupid hat” and realize this was not serious…after reading the comments. I actually re-read the post twice and went over to the stitch fix site to check it out. I think I realized it might not be real when I read their items are average priced at $65-although the monkey hat may be worth it. Thank you so much for making my day as we’ve got snow and I’m stuck inside baking and eating cookies!

  3. christi

    omg. i do not know how I got here, but I love you. Way to make the best of things! i believe that you might have some perspective on life and I love that! someone else could have (probably would have) made this into something to gripe about! thanks for the laugh.

  4. Leanne

    this is the first time I’ve read your blog! I actually won a Stitch Fix gift certificate last fall…. I’ve had 4 or 5 boxes and I can honestly say I’ve kept nothing! the one thing I kept I sold to a consignment shop…I filled out everything, but every time I opened the box, I would stop and think “WHO’S THAT FOR?”… obviously, not for this homeschooling mom of 3 boys…and my husband’s an engineer, not a King from Saudi Arabia! 95.00 for a striped shirt I saw that looked like one from Target… not cool! loved this post!!

  5. The flashdance is my fave….but IDK….the ball gown firewood is pretty amazing and versatile……and then….the scarf/headpiece…just WOW. just. WOW!

  6. I’m thinking whoever put together that box for you has a future as a fashion consultant. And that perhaaaaaps as an april fool’s joke for your blog this year, you might consider putting together some boxes for auction? It would be epic. Make it a homeschool assignment for the kids?

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