1. I think I kinda love you. Maybe it’s the reference to chocolate covered bacon ninja stars. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m exhausted too from too much activity. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m also prepping for my year homeschooling. Either way, keep this business coming, lady. I can’t wait to hear about your clock!

    • kmantoan

      It’s a struggle to make time for blogging about the clock and preparing for the new school year, but with God’s grace a post should be up about the clock by the end of the week! With photos! And hopefully commentary from the children one how the clock has changed their lives. In all honesty, there’s just no way I’ll be able to focus on school planning until I imortalize this clocks existence online.

    • kmantoan

      The trick is always just keeping the motivation going past the first couple days. Good luck on Monday. I’ve got two more weeks to get my act together.

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