1. I think we’re very much on the same wavelength, not-a=homeschooling-role-model-wise, and I refuse to disclose how many of these takes describe me RIGHT NOW for fear that it may incriminate me. But let’s just say it’s a majority of them.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog a couple of weeks ago! I just signed up to follow you, and can’t wait to start reading what looks like loads of great content. :^)

  3. kmantoan

    Thanks ladies. I think we should all get together over a box of wine and discuss this….but that would involve I lot more planning than I’ve got time for. We’ll see how next week shapes up. 😉

  4. I just found you today. I am lol’ing about your “box of wine” comments :) You’re funny! I am trying to be “authentic” in my blog too, but darnit! I’m kind of one of those chicks that gets reeled in by organization and systems. So, I can’t help but occasionally brag about them on my blog :)
    Enjoy blogging! I’ll check in from time~to~time!

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