• kmantoan

      I actually saw my husband take lemon juice to the eye in a restaurant once and yes, I can say Byron acted in a similar fashion, however I did not find it nearly as amusing. And FYI Tony never squeezes lemon in his iced tea without turning his head now.
      Aren’t you glad you’re back online?!?! I am!

  1. Jane

    My 16 year old son does the same thing. There is no hope for the changing-of-the-season-changing-of -the-clothes -male-affliction. Best of luck. Grrrrr.

  2. Oh noooo, you’ve just reminded me I have to do that job! Though at least in Ireland there’s not much difference between winter and summer so a lot of the stuff never gets put away in the first place.

  3. My four-year-old will try it on, but he’ll put it on backwards, inside out, and use it as the wrong piece of clothing. Turtlenecks make less than ideal pants, in my opinion.

    Speed and efficiency are not really concepts he gets.

  4. Margaret

    I say move to Florida. Then you can make it a bi-annual cleaning out the closet. My strategy is to do one child at a time — taking the easiest first! And wine in between — refilling as necessary!

  5. You motivated me with this post the other day. I hustled through our morning lessons, dragged out the bins and changed ALL FOUR KIDS’ clothes. Just in time, too, as the weather dipped drastically the next day.

    An unfortunate side-effect is that all those dusty musty clothes wreaked havoc on my allergies. And that turned into a cold, which I blame entirely on my motivation. Which in turn can be blamed on you. 😉

    P.S. it was worth it. The kids aren’t traipsing around chilly Korea in flip flops and tank tops anymore.

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