1. I am still amazed at how differently my older two children learn. We have decided to have Charlie make his First Holy Communion in his true second grade year because I didn’t want the stress you described. Thank you for affirming that choice! By any chance did you see Katrina’s post this week at BC on boys and reading. It is very closely related to what you write about here. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/buildingcathedrals/2012/07/boys-and-reading/

    • kmantoan

      I did jump over an read it; couldn’t help but comment too.
      I feel like I hear all the time how boys and some girls are delayed in reading skills, yet I didn’t want to believe it was possible for *my* son to not learn as quickly as his sister. I don’t know why we moms stress ourselves out over these things.

  2. I have been through similar struggles when my older daughter – just 11.5 months older than her younger sister – struggled to learn to read (and still struggles with spelling and memorization of math facts) while her little sister soared at such tasks. I was too hard on my older girl…and too angry more often than I want to admit. And the stress? Oh, my! I’m a totally sold-out advocate for homeschooling and here my first was struggling… Well, God’s bringing me around, really reminding me what I say all the time about each child being a uniquely-gifted individual according to His plan for them. And, among other things, that meant asking my older girl last year if she’d prefer graduating with her sister. So now (because that excited her) my two “Irish twins” function more or less as actual twins, doing roughly the same level of school work at the same time. Weird in the world, yes, but right for my girls. And that’s what counts.

    • kmantoan

      Thank you for sharing your story Tina. I think it does all us moms good to relate our homeschooling experiences, even the difficult ones.

  3. My eight-year-old son and I just finished a six month program that works on integrating the right and left brains through juggling and other therapies to improve reading. The program worked amazingly, and he is now beginning to love reading and remember the spelling of words and write with neat handwriting, when at the beginning of this school year, I was in despair.

    I’m so glad that we did the program, but I so identify with what you wrote and I feel like if I had simply waited and not pushed on with my predetermined plan and all…would he have done better? And then I have a four year old who learned to read so easily. Funny how we try to take credit for the gifts AND struggles of our kids, as if they have anything to do with us!

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