1. HaHaHa! This is one of the truest things I’ve read in awhile! I have mostly boys and somehow I’ve gotten out of doing the sleepover thing very often (I’ve always considered it a “girl” thing). My boys have been invited to a few, and yes, they stayed up all night and crashed the next day. And the “taking unpopped popcorn kernels away from baby”…classic (and unfortunately so, so true).

  2. My husband and I decided long before we had kids that our kids will probably hate us for not letting sleepover at “slumber parties” and we are ok with that. We will pick them up at 11;30 or 12. We both felt that the worst we were exposed to in our childhood and early teens happened after midnight at sleepovers. There was a lot of fun, but harmful things as well. Granted, we didn’t grow up in a homeschool community like yours. Plus kids as you say are such bears after a complete all-nighter.

    I’d probably be that mom calling to check and see what movie was being played. I feel like that is a legit question and we don’t just watch EWTN, in fact I’ve never watched a complete show on EWTN except Jen Fulwiller appearance. I probably sound defensive, I know you were just being funny, but not everyone has the same criteria for movies and I think we should respect each other for just trying to do what we think is best with out labeling them as EWTNers… I do think you are hilarious and love your blog!

  3. Jane

    My husband ‘s motto ? Sleepovers are highly overrated. We have “late overs”. Girls come in their pj’s for pizza movie ice cream. They hang out until 9pm and then go home. The end. Everyone gets a good night sleep and no mental breakdowns the next morn.

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