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I’m a Catholic wife, mother, homeschooler, caregiver and author! Click the photo to learn more about my book Better Than OK: Finding Joy As A Special Needs Parent. I’m also the founder of Accepting the Gift, an online apostolate for Catholic special needs parents.

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Latest Posts

  • COVID In Da House
    The inevitable has happened; COVID has entered our home. On Tuesday, after a couple days of mild congestion and coughing, Byron took a COVID test (we had several at home thanks to Fulton’s nursing agency) and it gave a positive result pretty quickly. We assume he picked it up at work. Tuesday was also the …
  • Advent and the 12 Days
    I wanted to lump all my Advent/ Christmas/ Epiphany stories and photos in one place, even though it probably would have been easier to write multiple shorter posts throughout the last two weeks. But, after taking the last two days to undecorate and reorganize ALL. THE. THINGS. I’m finally exhausted enough to sit still and …
  • 2022 New Year’s Resolutions
    It’s time to review last year’s resolutions (including one I’d totally forgotten about) and set some goals for the new year, as well as select a new beast to guide me in monstrous fashion through 2022. First things first; how’d I do with last year’s resolutions? Eat healthy as a family. – Spurred on by …
  • 2021 Year In Review
    It’s the 2021 Year in Review post! For when I want to take a stroll down memory lane quickly, without having to scroll through all my uncategorized posts. I’ve got some favorite books listed (affiliate links), popular posts, updates on the family, and some pictures. It’s like the Christmas letter you used to write for …
  • College Planning 2.0
    Coming to you from the backwoods of Maine, its a long-winded post on visiting colleges, a.k.a. I thought I knew what Byron would be doing next year, but when I actually asked him, he had other ideas (plus a stroll down memory lane as I recall my own college selection process). (If you want an …
  • Teddy’s Surgery Journal, Part 3
    Happy Black Friday! I’m not selling you anything! I just wanted to give what’s probably going to be the last update on Teddy for awhile. Long story short- he’s doing really well, so all the progress now will just be slow and steady with hopefully no surprises. We’ll start where the last post left off …

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