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I’m a Catholic wife, mother, homeschooler, caregiver and author! Click the photo to learn more about my book Better Than OK: Finding Joy As A Special Needs Parent. I’m also the founder of Accepting the Gift, an online apostolate for Catholic special needs parents.

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  • Searching For Camp Once Again
    Don’t worry, Fulton isn’t still in the hospital. If you don’t follow me on Instagram or my page on Facebook, you might have missed the happy discharge photo. Thankfully, he’s been feeling back to normal here at home since Friday May, 27. We took him in to CHOP after only a few days of being …
  • Another Hospital Post
    Since I’m sitting in the hospital, I feel obligated to write a blog post. One, so I can update everyone who wants to know how Fulton is doing, and two, it gives me something to do between trips to the cafeteria. Not that I’m bored! But, typing out a post is usually easier to do …
  • Documenting April
    It was not my intent to stop blogging for the entire month of April. I’ve been mentally writing an Easter post since Good Friday, but made no success at actually putting those thoughts down. If you could see the calendar in my kitchen, and stopped by any time outside school hours, you’d quickly understand why …
  • A New Parenting Level Is Unlocked
    As we approach Passiontide, I thought it was time to update everyone on the big news around these parts (if you didn’t already see it on social media). We got our first foster placement on Thursday, March 24 around dinner time. I got the call on Tuesday and this child, who I’ll call Todd Flanders …
  • 2022 Lent Documentation
    We’ve passed the second Sunday of Lent so probably a good time to share some Lenten thoughts and goals and admit I’ve already gone to Confession for failing at the one thing Fulton and Teddy asked me to give up. I used to not like sharing my Lenten practices, then I overshared and did crazy …
  • February In A Blur
    I recently hit my ten year blogging milestone here at This Ain’t the Lyceum. I toyed with the idea of a special post but I’ve done enough reflecting on the past in previous years, so instead, I will summarize February – the month that started with a big, empty calendar and quickly descended into chaos. …

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