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I’m a Catholic wife, mother, homeschooler and special needs parent. I love writing about my family, faith, and finding the joy on life’s journey.

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  • Addie Turns 21: What We’ve Taught Our Kids About Alcohol
    Fall birthday season kicks off this week. I turn 45(!!!) today and Addie turns 21 (!!!) tomorrow. While I get a day to celebrate becoming Cologuard eligible, Addie gets to experience walking into a bar and ordering a drink. When little kids hit milestones, like walking, first day of school, … Read more
  • The Illusion of Fall Normalcy
    I think we’ve finally entered back into our fall routine. That doesn’t mean that everything is going according to plan; one nurse has already called out due to illness, and there’s another day I’m not sure Fulton will have a nurse. We had a clinic appointment the first full week … Read more
  • Homeschool Grades and Creating a Homeschool Transcript
    Admittedly, one of the least exciting aspects of homeschooling is grading your child’s assignments. And while you may be able to fudge things for a bit while your kids are young, homeschoolers with an eye to college need transcripts. You might also live in a state that requires keepings grades … Read more
  • Back to School 2023-24
    St. Bruno’s Homeschool and its class of one, is off to a soft start this week. But, in keeping with tradition, here’s a brief run down of each child and their academic plans for the coming year. Addie, Senior, Cleveland State University Addie’s classes started on Monday. She’s in the … Read more

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