12 in 2014: Photos I’m Not Trying to Forget

Dwija does it again with a 12 in 2014 Photo Link Up! This thing is a Christmas tradition for me, just like eating candy for breakfast and collecting gift receipts! So, how did my year look?


January- It was pretty much the coldest winter ever and I hated every minute of it. 

cabin fever shock and denial


February-The blog turned two, and I celebrated by acting like a toddler and pitching a fit about everything. 



March – This month’s temperatures warmed up just a bit so I could leave the house. We went to the Natural Sciences Museum and got schooled in birds, I mean, dinosaurs. 

Ugly Velociraptor


April- We visited my hometown for a ride on the Strasburg Railroad with the two little boys, I ran a 5K and rediscovered my high school mascot costume’s head. I think this makes April a banner month.

Comet Man


May – We finally made it to the beach (field trip), got a new dog and Something Other Than God, dropped like it was hot. I made a cocktail video and took a few selfies…surprise. 

Most intersting blogger


June – I ran my final 5K, in my 35K4SMA series and raised more than $500 a piece for four SMA charities. 



July – I went to Edel in Austin, TX. I ate Mexican food, rapped, visited with friends and family and generally over enjoyed myself while things fell apart at home.

dance floor star


August –  After writing about a trip to the beach the entire internet, led by Bonnie,  decided to step up and buy Fulton a beach wheelchair.



September- I didn’t take a lot of photos. Mostly due to school starting back up and maybe some letter writing. 



October – It was the month of the bathrobe seen round the world. Which is really all I wore since I spent all my free time making Halloween costumes. 



November – Why do my photos always drop off significantly by the end of the year??? All I got were multiple embarrassing family photos (which I managed to make use of anyway.) 

IMG_4817 (1)


December – I released my book! Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s resolution planning!


This will wrap up 2014 on the blog for me! Thanks again to Dwija for hosting; be sure to visit all the other blogs linked up before the ball drops at midnight! 


  1. The first time I ever saw a beach wheelchair was on Cumberland Island National Seashore. When you take the ferry from St Mary’s, Florida, you get off at the dock, and they have beach wheelchairs to rent. Not that you need one now, because Fulton has one. But if you have any friends who don’t have one who want to go to an AWESOME beach.

  2. Kelly, I feel like I read all your posts but clearly I do not because I just laughed harder than I have in months. You are so great. BTW, when I get to Edel ’15, I’m gonna name drop like it’s nobody’s business. “Oh, Kelly? Yeah sure, she and I go waaaaaay back to Sheenazing 2013. Or was it 2012? Seems like forev’.”

  3. did you run a skirt in a marathon? Because…yeah, that’s impressive. Well, running a marathon is impressive. I say this while I sit on my can eating the rest of the candied nuts someone bought him for Christmas. Mmmm….cookies and cream walnuts…

  4. Wow. Suddenly my year seems so mundane. And are you from the Lancaster area? I went to college up there, and we love going to Strasburg. Looking forward to stopping by your blog more often in 2015!

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