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123 Rat.net : Stealing Your Child’s Youth While Educating Them Like A Boss

This post was written at the request of my three oldest children who are sick to death of the ABC Mouse.com commercials. The idea is theirs, the words mine. For a preschool program I can recommend, visit HERE

My 18 month old was just trotting around and getting into mischief; laughing loudly, dumping out bins of toys, running free with joy and abandonment. I didn’t know what to do! Why couldn’t he just sit down and focus on academics? Then I discovered 123 Rat.net and he’s a changed toddler! He gets so excited to sit down for his five-hour school sessions and I can finally have some quiet time to sit and stare blankly at my smart phone. He’s going to skip right into fifth grade next year, and I know he’ll be ready thanks to 123 Rat.net.

Despite being at the most expensive and exclusive preschool in town, little Gabby wasn’t reading by age two and unable to count to twenty without yelling “Booger!” instead of sixteen. My husband and I decided to try 123 Rat.net and what a difference! Although the continuous computer play from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. has given her a nervous tick in her eye, she just recently scored a 2100 on the SAT. We expect her to improve upon that of course and achieve a perfect 2400 by age four. And she couldn’t be happier! There’s no more wasted time spent on dolls or tea parties, just cold hard learning that will make her a real contender in the global marketplace.

Since introducing 123 Rat.net in our Kindergarten classroom we’ve notice a huge increase in standardized test scores; they are just off the charts! And the social skills the children learn by sitting at their computer screen versus recess just can’t be beat. Everyone is so busy having fun learning there’s no name calling, fighting or interaction of any kind. It’s created the nice, quiet, peaceful Kindergarten we’ve always imagined.

When my son Billy was born, I dropped him on the head while trying to nurse him on our elliptical machine. The doctors said he’d suffered serious brain injury and would always be delayed in his learning, so for the first three years of his life, I just plopped him in front of the TV because, what else could I do? Then I saw a commercial for 123 Rat.net and I knew I’d feel a lot less guilty sticking him in front of an educational computer game. The results are incredible! He’s not only caught up to his peers but surpassed them! It makes me tear up when I see him look at me and smile and know that his injury isn’t going to hold him back anymore. I’m a great parent for letting 123 Rat. net raise my child.

123 Rat. net is an online world designed to supercharge your child’s brain and rob them of all desire to act in an age appropriate way. Sign up today for your free trial and watch as your child quickly learns to read, write, count, and manage their personal finances. 123 Rat. net guarantees their graduates will attend the Ivy League school of their choice by 2026. Give your kids a head start in life that will eliminate all guilt from yours. Visit today!

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  1. I am dying!! But, saying “hell, yes” at the same time! Every time that darn commercial comes on I throw things including uncharitable phrases at the tv. Ugggggh. Making sure our kids can do anything “on time” is usually more about us and our comfort level, our ability to give our child’s progress report to others in our social circles than it is about our kids…..so we’ll go to just about any crazy length to get them there.

  2. Oh man, oh man. The best part about all this is that there are people in the world who really believe that programs like this are going to completely change/improve their children’s lives.

  3. Yessssssss! Though, you forgot to mention the reason most kids can’t spell their names yet is because of the disasters those same parents decided to use as a “name.” Oh, am I the only one annoyed by that? It’s ok.

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