1st Birthday Wrap Up

A year ago this week, I made my husband register a new domain and explain, briefly, what this WordPress thing was. I messed around with some themes, typed in some words, hit publish and never looked back. ‘This Ain’t The Lyceum’ is really one year old.  Indeed, time does fly when you’re having fun. (Except when you’re “having fun” in a dinner theater production; that’s actually work, and it takes forever.) Now a quick recap of the last year’s highlights. I will spare you a photo of me cramming cake in my mouth and smearing frosting in my hair like any other excited one year old on her special day.

Top ten posts according to page views:

10. Seven Things You Should Know About SMA – Title says is all. A basic primer I wrote during August, SMA awareness month. Cute photo of Fulton made it very pin-able.

9. How I Would Spend The Fulwiler’s Money –  Until we all realized Jen actually needed that money for medicine, it was fun to think up ways to spend it for her. Now I think it’s safe to assume Joe’s mug sales are picking up the slack.

8. Because Homeschooling Is Not A Living Hell – People keep pinning this picture of the cabinets in my school room onto boards like “Inspiration”, “Dream School Room”, and  “Ideal Kitchen”.  I still can’t comprehend it. I personally think the mention of crab legs is the real selling point of this post.

7. Homeschool Mom Crush* – Hello? Yeah, did you see my blog is a year old now and I’m officially Sheenazing. Can we hang out and talk about the Iowa standardized tests vs the California standardized tests because…oh, okay. No I get it. We’ll catch up later. I was going to blog tonight anyway. AT LEAST THE PEOPLE ONLINE LIKE ME!!! *sob*

6.Ten Books You’ll Want To Buy As Soon As I Write Them* -Still waiting to hear from a publisher regarding any of these titles.

5. Oozing Classiness* – Pretty much the only place online to get your fill of R rated ceramics that won’t infect your computer with a virus.

4. My Beauty Tips For A Less “Train Wreck” Appearance – Screaming; it does a body good.

3. Reflections on Childhood Innocence From the Hospital* – A serious reflection from my time in the hospital with Fulton last June. Sometimes I’m not funny, and that’s okay.

2. How A Downloadable Planner Didn’t Magically Change My Life* – Just another day in the life of me, made funnier by cramming it into the  squares of a planner designed for someone who has their act together.

1. God Didn’t Answer My Prayer – Another introspective post popularized by a feature on the front page of New Advent. This post also gets quite a bit of search traffic so I hope it leaves the right impression with people.

(*these posts got a boost in traffic due to Jen’s feature back in October)

Five of my favorite posts;

1. Bullets to Balls – My first foray into the Seven Quick Takes realm so long ago.

2. Surfing Safari Or Sausage On The Waves – The mouth breathing line makes me snort laugh every.single.time. This could be the worse thing I’ve ever written, but I find it hilarious.

3. The Clock – Even though it makes this really annoying noise and doesn’t keep time anymore, I still love it.

4. Importance Of Family Prayer Time -I think you could make a reality show just from our family’s nightly prayer routine.

5. Why I Hate Sleepovers – After actually hosting my daughter’s sleepover in November, I feel like this title should be in all caps.

Thanks for all your visits and comments dear readers. May God bless us all with many more laughs in the year to come. Is that too sappy? Sorry. I’m feeling sentimental. Maybe a video clip of me singing “Memories”? Or not, okay. Signing off.

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  1. I think your one year blog anniversary might be the perfect excuse to eat cake during Lent. Especially if you didn’t give up sweets. Congrats on your blog’s milestone, and thanks for all the links to the highlight posts form the past year.

  2. Congratulations on your first year blog anniversary! I don’t know how I missed “Latin for Pirates (et tu quoque)” on my first discovery of your blog. My hometown has a writing tutoring center which (for zoning reasons, when they were told the neighborhood had too many charities) has a “pirate supply store” in the front.

    What I’m saying is, I think you could find a market.

  3. Fantastic! Now I can sit here on the couch and say that I’m doing “homeschooling research” while reading your old posts. But Latin for Pirates? It needs to happen. My 3-year-old would go absolutely NUTS for it, although he may be an extreme case… Is it normal for kids to demand to pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be IN LATIN before dinner every night? I’d like to branch out his vocabulary, and I think pirates are the way to do it.

    What’s the Latin word for “wench?”

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