Month: October 2012

It’s The Sandy Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

We didn’t wake up Tuesday morning with the house situated on top of a witch so Mantoans 1, Sandy 0. We did however lose our pool and develop a new leak in the roof which puts the score at Mantoans 1, Sandy 2. I actually had to convince Tony to not go on the roof Read More

{WIWS} I’m Modest And I Know It

Because I’m as stylish as a Barbie fashion plate, I’m joining up with Fine Linen and Purple for their second installment of ‘What I Wore Sunday.’ I’m rocking a duck face because I’ve heard it’s the thing to do. My daughter is following my instructions by trying to make a duck face. She was thoroughly confused by Read More

{SQT} Family Joys Of The Week

I really don’t have time to write today, but if I don’t link up with Jen, my week feels incomplete somehow. So here, jotted down between diapers, costumes and a burst radiator pipe on the van, are my deep reflections from the week. 1. Tony “accidentally” left this article up on the browser for me to Read More

Being A Good Parent Requires Days Like This

Somehow, the most gorgeous day of fall just happened to coincide with the day we selected to go to the zoo. The weather even inspired me to suggest a side trip to the beach that was overwhelmingly accepted by everyone, with only mild coercion on my part. “Look Tony, we can tell the kids we’ll Read More

The Musical Truck I Want To Meet

I see Dorian is living it up in France; eating crepes and sipping mulled wine right out in the open. Since I just went to confession, I’m not going to write about how jealous I am, because I’m totally not. Hey, I have a really great package of gluten-free pancake mix and a bottle of Read More

{SQT}Highlights Of A Slow Week

I’m attempting a Seven Quick Takes that’s actually quick for a change. Hang on for a bumpy ride. 1. Fulton’s new favorite word is “allergic” as in, “No, you can’t punish me! I’m allergic!!” 2. I wasted some time setting up a Zazzle shop so I can sell normal items with pictures of my weird Read More

What’s for Dinner? It’s Quiche, Capish?

If I ever open a restaurant, it’s going to specialize in quiche and be called ‘Quiche Capish?’. Why? Because I make quiche that is rock me Amadeus good, no lie. Tony and I owned a bed a breakfast for a couple years and the one thing I learned to do, besides how to work myself Read More


Tonight during prayers, Edie grabbed my rosary and I said, “Hon, be gentle, it’s a third class relic.” The kids glanced at me, and Addie asked, “How?” “Remember? My rosary was touched to the tomb of Arbp. Fulton Sheen on our trip to New York.” Addie nodded and Byron piped up, “Hey, our dishes are Read More

The Changing Of The Seasons

Fall is finally here. The leaves are clogging the gutters, the chickens are attacking the cornstalks we’ve tied to the front porch and a few nights back we finally fired up the woodstove. Watching my daughter haul and stack firewood in a t-shirt, Crocs and ski gloves made me realize I could no longer postpone Read More

Why I Hate Sleepovers

Typically for our kids’ birthdays, Tony and I either plan a family outing or purchase one special item( i.e. a bike) rather than dispense a truckload of gifts.  We’re hitting the zoo for Teddy’s second b-day (which was Monday) and originally, Addie and Byron were going to host all their friends at a joint bowling Read More

Welcomes and Worthiness

Hello to everyone stopping by from Conversion Diary. Wasn’t that the nicest post you’ve ever read about someone’s blog? I’m still blushing. Thankfully, my kids have no idea about the online world I inhabit and so, lest my head get too swollen, they made sure to keep me humble after all of Jen’s kind words. Read More

How A Downloadable Planner Did Not Magically Transform My Life

I started with the perfect curriculum, and a less than perfect first day, but ultimately felt that this would be the fall I would not have a melt down. And then I lost the nursing care. But, I’m not panicking, too much. In the past, I couldn’t set priorities because I felt it all had Read More

{SQT} Oozing Classiness

This post is designated ‘downer free’. It is guaranteed to contain at least 85 percent joy and humor, some bordering on ridiculous, with only 15 percent filler, and maybe a smattering of MSG. In fact I’m going to dedicate the majority of this post to a spectacular family heirloom of mine that always brings a Read More

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