Month: November 2012

{SQT} What I’m Taking To The Grave

I’m going through my twice yearly spaz feast, also known as, reorganize the house to distract myself from all that is my life. I’m faced with a glut of presents. Plus, on going home improvement projects designed to make our house less of a death trap to objects that are not in power mobility devices, Read More

My Beauty Tips For A Less “Train Wreck” Appearance

Just so you don’t all think I’m holding out on you, I’ve decided to spill all my beauty secrets. And look, I even created a graphic so you can pin this and easily find it later in a moment of panic. I know Grace isn’t the only  one wondering how I mange to look so Read More

{WIWS} All Dressed Up To Grandmother’s We Go

What do an ice-cube on top of my wood stove, and my outfit today both have in common? They’re both sizzlin’! Ow! **UPDATED** Wait, wait. Here’s me looking sultry. I have to include a picture of me looking sultry. Dress: just below the knee, purple printed wrap dress was a thrift find. Purple tights: I Read More

{WIWS} or Why We Don’t Go To 8:30 a.m. Mass Often

  Dress- Lizware, thrifted Navy Blue Cardigan – Old Navy Brown Sweater Coat – J.C. Penney’s Brown patterned scarf – Target Sexy knee highs  – Target Shoes…..I’m pretty sure I wore shoes to Mass. I can’t vouch for whether they were church shoes, sneakers or slippers. Face warmer – An exclusive Mantoan design. Not pictured is Read More

{SQT} Embrace the Cliche

I’m going to apologize up front for the gratuitous use of my face in this post. However these pictures, captured mostly at the end of a long day and sans makeup, are proof of my love affair with my new iPod touch. If I was in middle school, I would be the hottest thing this Read More

Date Night; Rekindle The Magic Of Dried Fruit

 Picture this; a bright, cheery kitchen filled with the smells of a home cooked meal wafting from the stove. The chef dances to the Pop Dance music channel on Pandora, thumping and wailing in time to Pitbull and Christian Aguilara. Her oldest daughter is in the adjacent school room, hunkering down at her desk, nose in Read More

{WIWS} Glamming It Up For Martinmas

I’m joining up once again with all the Mass fashionistas at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday. I’ve been mentally prepping this post all day because today was the first day I got to wear my new Land’s End dress. Unfortunately, everything went downhill this morning when the first words out of Read More

{SQT} The Season of Preparation Before Advent Known As Panic

While sitting in the waiting room at my dentist’s office, eagerly anticipating a solid thirty minutes of enamel scraping, I had to endure last-minute election commercials and Christmas advertisements. I had to pause, look around, and ask myself, “Did I die in a car accident on the way to the dentist office? Where am I?” Is it Read More

{p,h,f,r} Throwdown with Like Mother, Like Daughter

After a long absence, I’m linking up with Leila and her {pretty, happy, funny, real} BEDROOM EDITION! Oh, la, la! No, not that kind of bedroom edition. I took on the challenge laid down by Leila on Monday to snazzy up my bedroom. She said I didn’t need to make a big deal about it Read More

God Didn’t Answer My Prayer

My sister, my father and I managed to catch my mom completely off guard on Saturday with a surprise party at my parent’s house. After standing slack-jawed in the kitchen doorway for a full two minutes, my mom enjoyed visiting with friends and family who came to celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday. It was the Read More

{SQT} The Rush I Get From Costumes or Why The House Is A Dump The Entire Month of October

Technically, it’s called “Seven Quick Takes”; realistically it’s a slapped together mess of photos. The unifying theme is my obsession with hand crafting my children’s Halloween costumes. Despite the cursing, hair pulling and temper tantrums (all mine) the rush I get when the costumes are finally complete is stronger than heroin (I’m only guessing here, Read More