Month: December 2012

{SQT} 2012 Christmas Letter

Dear family member, friend, stalker or random stranger, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully this letter finds you celebrating in the revelry of the Christmas season. Our family keeps our decorations up until February second, so reading this letter before then fulfills any obligation we have to each other of yearly holiday correspondence. Now Read More

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

It’s the post so nice, I linked it thrice. Or it could just be that I’m lazy. And bloated. But in a very, very festive way. Perhaps you noticed how I didn’t “jump on” as promised and provide said ugly sweater photo? I’m not going to ask why you noticed, I’m just going to pony Read More

{WIWS} My Style Never Suffers

Welcome to another exciting episode of What I Wore Sunday, hosted by the style squad at Fine Linen and Purple. I am happy to report that Fulton is doing well. Hopefully, with a little more vigilance, we can prevent him from backsliding again. On that note, we attended Mass in shifts this weekend with Tony Read More

{SQT} Praying For A Healthy Christmas

1. We kicked off the week by taking Fulton to the ER on Sunday morning with breathing difficulties and a fever. I was thinking pneumonia and overnight admission, but thankfully, it was “only” a double ear infection, cold and dehydration combo that came out of nowhere. 2. We were discharged after eight hours of observation. Read More

The Future Of Instagram

The interweb is abuzz with Instagram’s new terms of service. Seems those naked pictures of your baby in the tub can now be sold to Johnson & Johnson by Instagram with no compensation to you. The backlash is pretty loud, so I’ll be curious to see whether or not Instagram revises their new terms before they’re Read More

A Craigslist Christmas Story

Joining up for my first time with the wonderful ladies at Carrots for Michaelmas, Dueling Moms and Molly Makes Do, for their ongoing  Little Holy Days link up. We’ve created a lot of great Advent traditions in our family. Now that we’ve gotten the hang of the wreaths and recipes, we’re working on remembering to Read More

{SQT} Step Away From The Display; A Christmas Gift Avoidance Guide

With five kids, it’s easy to get inundated with toys at Christmas. Without becoming a windbag bemoaning the materialism of the holidays, I’m going to just put down seven things that are not to be given as gifts to my children this year.Family members, I know you’re reading this.  You can spend as much as Read More

{p,h,f,r} Enjoying Every Moment Stuck Inside My House

It’s been a week of feasts here at the Mantoan crib. From stuffed shoes, to waking up extra early to make baked goods, to the yearly conversation I have with my husband on how we’re not using real candles in the St. Lucy crown. And crafts, oh so many crafts. So many wonderful traditions I’ve locked myself Read More

{WIWS} If Being Fashionable Is An Illness,Then I Am Sick With Style

With temperatures topping out in the 60’s and dropping into the 20’s this week, a family cold epidemic was inevitable. Skirt, shirt and cardigan: All purchased at Old Navy a couple of months ago. There are pockets on the skirt which can hold a multitude of crusty Kleenex. Shoes: picked those up at Goodwill last night. They’re Read More

Mom, Get A Life

Back in the old days, when I only had one child, I happened to overhear a conversation between two coworkers regarding a less than flattering Mother’s Day gift. My  coworker’s daughter had made a book in school “All About My Mom.” My coworker shared how dismayed she felt because under “What my mom likes to Read More

{p,h,f,r} Inst-y Edition

Continuous efforts to bloat my Instagram feed have revealed the painful truth; everyone I associate with online lives in a more photogenic house then me. And they get out more. Okay, I escape my digs occasionally, but so far I’ve found little inspiration at play practice, the grocery store or Fulton’s therapy appointments. But, with Read More

{WIWS} Offering Up This Bad Advent Outfit For A Good Cause

I’m back in black, and purple, for this weeks What I Wore Sunday Link Up hosted by the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple. Welcome to Advent! WOOT! It’s all about the anticipation baby! We’re ringing in the new liturgical year with modest style and a whole lotta solemn preparation for the birth of our Read More