Month: January 2013

SHAMELESS PROMOTION: Sheenazing Blogger Awards!

Forget breakfast preparation! I was happy to wake up and discover my blog has been nominated in three categories over at Bonnie’s in her first ever ‘Sheenazing Blogger Awards”! Some peoples, who may or may not be limited to my husband, thought to nominate me in the “Funniest”, “Coolest” and “Best Meme” categories. [**Updated, so Read More

{WIWS} The Slightly Festive, Slightly Creepy Edition

Sung to the tune of Hall and Oats, “Private Eyes”: “Santa Claus is watching you, he sees your every move. Santa Claus is watching you, SANTA CLAUS! Is stalking you, stalking you, stalking you, STALKING YOU!”   Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory White Shirt: last relic of my Gap fashion days Navy Shirt: Old Navy Tights: Read More

{SQT} Completed While Santas Were Watching

I just read over at Jen’s that I need to “be myself” to be a successful blogger. I guess that means that this weeks 7 Quick Takes are going to involve lots of curse words and pajama wearing, capped off by a warm glass of boxed wine. Okay, seriously, nominations are finished and I need Read More

I’ve Won Five Prominent Catholic Blog Awards! …in my dreams

I am so stoked because last night Bonnie posted she’s going to host a Catholic Blog awards thingy. Now, being the new girl on the block, I don’t expect to have a shot in most of the categories, but there are a few I’m pretty sure I’ve got locked up tighter than San Quentin. (And Read More

{WIWS} Replay The Favorite Dress, Plus The Wine

Am I the only one on this link up who ever wears the same thing to Mass? Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to wear this dress again only to stop myself because, “What can I post on WIWS? It will be the same dress! And I don’t have any new accessories!” But Read More

{SQT} Seek And Ye Shall Find More Questions Than Answers

Tony casually mentioned the other day, that it’d been awhile since I actually wrote about homeschooling on my homeschooling blog. Now that we’ve started our second trimester, with only the minor-est of glitches, I can stop pretending to be a fashion/ photography/ cooking / medical blogger and put all my focus right back where it needs Read More

{WIWS} Falling Ever So Short of Trendy-ness

It’s been a little while since I’ve linked up for What I Wore Sunday, and I know my readers are dying to know what this cutting edge homeschool mom has up her sleeve this week.  Well, let me tell you on a scale of one to ten it’s a solid three; as in “Wow Kelly, Read More

{SQT} Trying To Create A Title Without Using The Word Barf Is Impossible

Nothing, NOTHING shoots down a new week, month, semester, year like a stomach bug. Upside, it’s the perfect way to lose those extra holiday pounds. The downside is how inconsiderate everyone’s digestive systems become. And as I don’t want to delve into details any more descriptive, I’ll move on with the Quick Taking. 1. Of Read More

How I Would Spend the Fulwiler’s Money

Like a true friend, Hallie has posted a PayPal button to raise money for Jen Fulwiler as she and her family anticipate months of Jen sitting around on her butt for the sake of her health and that of her unborn son. (No you may not get up to retrieve that book/electronic device/ personal hygiene item! Get Read More

{SQT} Lucky 2013 And Seven Resolutions I’ve Already Broken

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 minutes of uninterrupted time at the computer to type up by belated quick takes – GO! Coming up with resolutions geared towards healthy, well-organized deep spiritual who-ha are hard to formulate while the household is still in Christmas vacation mode. Namely, it’s just loud Read More

12 in 12: Or Why We’re Avoiding Home Renovations In 2013

Because my resolution of completing a ‘New Year’s resolutions’ post by January first, was the first to go, I’m happily joining up with Dwija at House Unseen for her 2012 in 12 Photos link up. Maybe meditating on the past year will help me focus on a few important resolutions rather than the 1,468 I’ve currently jotted Read More