Month: February 2013

{p,h,f,r} I’m Baaaaaaccckkk, From The Beach

February, you don’t own me! I am the master of my own destiny and you know what? I’m going to the beach! I refuse to be held a slave inside my house any longer! So take that, grey winter days and smothering cabin fever; I am taking some of life’s marrow and sucking it! Okay, Read More

Learn From My Preschool Mistakes; A Letter To Myself

Dear Self, I’m you, only I now have five years of homeschooling under my belt…plus six more kids…KIDDING! I’m here to set you straight, and save you from at least a million melt downs. I know what you’re doing and thinking. I know you’re not willing to listen to other moms with more experience because, Read More

Embarrassing Myself Over At Colleen Duggan’s

Children are so great at keeping their mothers’ humble. For the perfect example of this, stop by and read the latest installment of Colleen’s ‘Mother’s Most Embarrassing Moments’ penned by yours truly  And if you haven’t already, be sure to read all the previous installments as well, just don’t take a sip of coffee before doing so, otherwise Read More

{SQT} Happy Ani-birth-og Giveaway!

To celebrate my first blog-o-versary day, I thought I’d host my first giveaway! It was pretty hard to line up sponsors. I know some bloggers who just get all types of cool stuff thrown at them; rugs, clothes, cleaning supplies, jewelry, books, phones, single Croatian women…oh, wait, that last one was from my spam folder. Anyway, Read More

1st Birthday Wrap Up

A year ago this week, I made my husband register a new domain and explain, briefly, what this WordPress thing was. I messed around with some themes, typed in some words, hit publish and never looked back. ‘This Ain’t The Lyceum’ is really one year old.  Indeed, time does fly when you’re having fun. (Except Read More

Veils: The Other Mass Accessory

To veil or not to veil; that is the question…..that I am not touching with a 10 foot pole. I’ll let you decide for yourself whether you feel compelled to veil, a.k.a wear a head covering at Mass, or not. Maybe you’re considering doing so for Lent and are uncertain of how to proceed. Maybe Read More

{SQT} First World Lenten Whining

Is Lent over yet? The last few days have just been so spiritually fulfilling, and I’ve already sacrificed oh so much, I can’t fathom how adding another 37 days could possibly do me much more good. In fact, it might be unhealthy. Do you think my confessor will buy it? Yeah, I don’t think so either. Read More

Focused for Lent

February 11, 2013 will probably be the first “where were you when…” day to leave a mark on my three older children. As I explained to them the historical significance of the pope’s resignation, I reflected back and shared where I was eight years ago when he was elected, and the sharp contrast in my Read More

{WIWS} Stage Fright And Style Off Off Off Off Broadway

This was supposed to be a light-hearted and joy filled ‘What I Wore Sunday’ post about my final performance in my parish’s dinner theatre production. I sported some very stylish ensembles that, while not technically worn to Mass, were indeed worn on Sunday in a church. While I will still provide evidence of my great Read More

{SQT} Actually, Just One Knock Off

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 It’s tech week people. Cut me some blogging slack. I’m performing for a paying crowd for the next three days. Pray for good weather, because our parish needs the money for a new roof. Last night I performed for my kids and husband, which is always my most nerve-wracking performance. Thankfully, they thought  I Read More

A Bad Case Of The Februarys

Most people know about “a bad case of the Mondays.” Much less well-known, except in homeschooling circles, is a bad case of the Februarys. Even seasoned moms who firmly believe homeschooling is the best choice for their families want to hole up with Puxatawny Phil for February. My husband’s talk of wanting to one day Read More

{WIWS} This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

When we last left off, I was ankle-deep in Santas and winning converts to the Burlington Coat Factory cause. What lies in store for our heroine today dear readers? A three-peat on the dress that won’t quit? Do Addie and Edie convince me to go where no Mass fashion has gone before? Or does an Read More

{SQT} The Results Are In…

1. And it’s official, I’m SHEENAZING!!! In a underappriciated sort of way that is. 2. Wow, just wow. I mean, wow. First I just want to thank God and the big JC for coming through for me. And then next my husband Tony for allowing me to spend so much time on the interweb, I Read More