Month: March 2013

{WIWS} I’ll Be Back

It’s Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, with Easter just around the corner. Hasta la vista Lent. “The Dress” White trench coat from, Penney’s? And the same boots I always wear. Firepower by Nerf. I’m hoping to make this last week count, but my mother-in-law came over and left two cans of Coke AND a pan Read More

{SQT} A Bullseye

Although I would really like to be remembered  for the high quality of my writing; today, I’m going to subject you to a description of my recent trip to Target. Would we call this a “writing slump?” I don’t know, just be sure to check back next week to get the scoop on tomorrow’s Easter Read More

{p,h,f,r} Because I Didn’t Take A Picture Of The Toilet

What better way to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, and honor the head of our household, than to give Tony the opportunity to pick up a second-hand toilet in mint condition for 1/4 of its retail price? Okay, well if saving a bunch of money on a toilet didn’t excite him, our family trip Read More

Why I Recommend “Arise From Darkness”

I have mentioned on ye olde blog here Father Benedict Groeschel’s book “Arise From Darkness” a couple of times; and I’m quick to recommend it in comboxes through out the world wide web. I was reminded of it the other day after my niece emailed me to answer some questions for her religion assignment. I Read More

{WIWS} Kelly Green Was Not Liturgically Correct

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the disgruntled gluten intolerant woman who can’t have a green beer or a Killian’s.  Even though Passion Sunday trumps the feast day of St. Patrick, we’re totally going to celebrate the 10% of our combined Irish heritage with alcoholic Shamrock shakes once the kids are in bed. Addie was appalled Read More

{SQT} Dear Children, Seven Things To Remember

As a Catholic blogger I’m pretty sure it’s a mortal sin to not write about the election of a new pope….. but there’s no canon law that says it can’t be in Quick Takes form, however random, or long-winded,  that form may be. If you’re tired of reading such reflections, just skip right back to Read More

Papalopoly! Because What Could Be More Entertaining Than A Game About The Papacy?!

Is everyday life not providing enough excitement between conclave votes? Does EWTN’s live coverage still leave you wanting something more? Just because the cardinals haven’t elected a new pope doesn’t mean Catholics can’t enjoy the papacy! Introducing Papalopoly! Part Monopoly rip off, part reality show, it’s the game that makes you feel like you’re in the Read More

{WIWS} It’s My Special Day

Who else woke up cursing the time change? Not Teddy of course. He was so excited to lose another hour of sleep he was up all night screaming about it and still managed to rise at 6 a.m. with that big cute smile that saves him every time. What better way to hide the fact Read More

{SQT} Five Plus Two; Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

THANK GOODNESS I got tagged by Ana and Jessie to tell five things about myself cause I was hard up for anything to write about for this weeks Quick Takes. Every so often I go through spells where the ideas just keep flying at me like stink bugs. Then I have weeks like this where Read More

The Friends I Didn’t Know I Needed

A couple of months back I picked up a copy of “Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected“ by Kelle Hampton at my local library. Some of my favorite bloggers had suggested it and I love Kelle’s Instagram feed so I thought I’d give it a try. Ten minutes later, I’m in the children’s reading section, squatting Read More

{wiws} I’m The Wierdo Snapping Pictures In The Changing Room

Today’s fashion is brought to you by the creeper in the changing room at Old Navy snapping selfies, a.k.a. me. Look I was tired of bribing the 10-year-old okay? Besides, Tony and I had a “hot” date planned. Using Christmas giftcards at Old Navy and then hitting a bar for drinks afterwards; can you stand Read More