Month: April 2013

{WIWS} Sand Everywhere And A Winner

Greetings from the Outer Banks. Dress: Burlington Coat Factory Coat: Goodwill Scarf: Target Teva Sandals I’m also wearing a purple cardigan from Old Navy but it’s hidden. And while Teddy and I are sitting here all bundled, my older three are running around getting soaked in 60 degree water. Even Fulton tried to convince Tony Read More

{SQ….aw, just forget it.

I’m feeling grumpy today so no quick takes because who wants seven paragraphs of ‘I’m being moody and irrational.”? I really tried typing up a funny post but I kept drifting towards the word “hatred” or adult language so I realized maybe I shouldn’t attempt humor while I’m seething inside. It’s been one of those Read More

{FF} Just Get Me Through Friday

Joining up with Hallie for the one link up that’s not in reverse order this week (trend setter or behind the times? Discuss.) I really, really, really wasn’t feeling like there were five things in the world I hearted this week but, I need to distract myself from all the laundry and packing a weeklong Read More

{WIWS} Stealing My Look – A REAL Giveaway

Hey, hey, hey! I’m back with the usual fashion attempt plus my first real giveaway. (I’ve already had a fake giveaway. This, my friends, is the real deal. Seriously! Why are you laughing??) First the Sunday style; Dress; Been there. Done that; Burlington. Shoes; Target Sweater; Burlington Accessories; The Celtic Knot Flexi-Clip by Lilla Rose Read More

{SQT} The Extraordinary Edition

Grace-MWAH! Love her. Enabling me to slack once again, with the smug satisfaction that I will still be numero uno, if just for a couple of minutes. This week I am dedicating my takes to anyone and everyone who has even remotely considered attending the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Yes, the Latin Mass. Our Read More

Save On Potamitis Books!

After my last post, I got a wonderful email from Potamitis Publishing owner Dionysios, who is offering my readers a 10 percent discount on their books, plus FREE express shipping from Greece. So if you were on the fence about whether or not to purchase one of these beautiful books, wait no longer! I can’t Read More

{FF}Homeschool Conference Warm Fuzzies

On Saturday, the local Catholic homeschool group I’m a part of hosted their 14th Annual Homeschool conference. Feeling down about homeschooling? Then go surround yourself with a hundred or so enthusiastic homeschoolers and see if that doesn’t empower the pants (or jumper) off you. My husband and I had always assumed we’d send our kids Read More

{WIWS} Can I Do Better Than This?

I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles for this week’s submission to What I Wore Sunday. I apologize for the delay. I’m super exicted, and a bit nervous, to read your comments on my “new and improved” WIWS look! Here goes:   First the outfit – Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory White shirt: Read More

{SQT} In Which You Wonder Why You Keep Coming Back

Last night was the first time in about a week I didn’t spend an hour listening to one of Teddy’s late night temper tantrums. You might think a good night’s sleep would equal a Super Awesome Quick Takes, with the power to whiten your teeth and banish dandruff! But you’d be wrong. Now behold the Read More

Another Episode of Mantoan Family Prayers

Tony: Who are we saying prayers for tonight? Me: How about the Fulwiler family. Kids: Who???? Me: The Catholic lady with the TV show. Kids: ooohhhhhhhhhh Byron: Why what happened to them? Me: Well, Mrs. Fulwiler had her baby but he needs to be cared for in a NICU at a different hospital than where Read More

{WIWS} Backless Sweaters? One More Reason I Won’t Ever Be Fashionable

It’s the What I Wore Sunday Monday fun day post! I had so much fun putting off my Quick Takes, I thought I’d let my hot style simmer until today knowing full well that my readers understand I’m lazy no matter what I write. SUNDAY MONDAY FUN DAY! I’m also really tired so that might Read More

{SQT} I Can Be Made To Scream Like A Little Girl

“So shall the last be first, and the first last. …” Matthew 20:16 Even in blogging baby, even in blogging. Woot! Thanks to Jen for encouraging my tardiness this week with her reverse order Quick Takes. 1. But really, my delay in posting can best be summarized with four words; post traumatic stress disorder, or Read More

{FF} The First, And Hopefully The Last, Fat And Oily Edition

Linking up at Hallie’s with host Jen for my first Five Favorites post. I’m having one of those types of weeks which, although it doesn’t involve neck punctures or third trimester woes, will require a full pity party post later in the week. But today, I’m all about focusing on the positive, the reasons for Read More

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