Month: May 2013

Theme Thursday: Self Portrait

Linking up with Cari for my first Theme Thursday. I sort of have a thing for selfies so this seemed like a good time to jump on board. But seeing as my mood is currently not all “sheenazing” I went a little more high school photo class project with it. There’s lots of deep and Read More

What Is The Reality?

whelm 1. to submerge or engulf 2. to overwhelm As Teddy screams and the pile of dirty dishes multiplies before my eyes…. As I’m trapped in a bedroom caring for one child and three more argue in the school room… As I stare at half-finished home construction through tired eyes that have not seen uninterrupted Read More

{WIWS} No Actual Photographic Evidence Remains

I’m going to be upfront and honest. I don’t have a picture of what I wore to Mass. It was a long day that started too early and is ending too late. BUT, the good news is, I did capture ‘the essence’ of my outfit. Skirt: Target (Last seen here.) Red ruffled shirt: Old Navy Read More

{SQT} Yearbook Inscriptions: How I Remember You

Kelly, would you please stop mothering, nursing, teaching, cooking, cleaning and waking up a million times a night and sit your lazy butt down and blog?? As you wish. Some takes for those who sacrifice for me to do so. 1. A good friend of mine shared this article on Facebook the other day and Read More

Staying Active with a Fun, Family Obstacle Course

Maybe you caught my reference to a family jog we took a few weeks back. We’ve kept at it, following a Couch to 5K app on some evenings and other evenings, just going for a stroll to the playground. My goals were to help get the kids in shape for track and help us get Read More

{SQT} Six Molasses Takes

Today’s blogging goal?  I’m not going to be whiny, long-winded, negative or come across as “mentally unstable.” You can give me a grade in the comboxes. 1. I’m so organized, this week I put my kid’s toys on a weekly schedule. The low down: condense 95 percent of the toys on the first floor into Read More

{FF} This Ain’t Your Average Social

I walked into the run down corner liquor store with a skip in my step. I breezed past the line of old men getting lottery tickets, the humming case of malt liquor and straight to the back of the store where the treasure was kept. Glancing at my watch, I maneuvered my way back to Read More

{WIWS} For Mothers, Young And Old, All Are Welcome Here

Throw back! It’s ‘What I Wore Sunday’ circa. 2007. Me in my twenties, Addie, 4, Byron, 3, Edie, 1. The dress: Thrifted. You can see another picture of it here, so you know I still break it out occasionally. Why the trip down memory lane? I wanted to reflect back this Mother’s Day on my Read More

{SQT} Assorted Answers Of the QT Variety

My life has been so unfunny and blah lately. I was going to title my Quick Takes “Seven horrible things about starting school right back up after vacation” but decided there’s little humor in the vivid description of me in a dirty bathrobe hiding in bed at 10:30 a.m. with a cold mug of coffee. Read More

Life With Fulton: Taking The Show On The Road

Welcome to the first post in a sporadic series about life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Mantoan style. I hope to give my readers a glimpse into our “normal.” My goal is not to invoke pity about our situation or platitudes about our extraordinary abilities, but to reveal that God does indeed qualify the called rather than the other way Read More

Back To Life, Back To Reality…sob

The only thing worst than packing for a vacation is arriving home and jumping right back into life full force. We wrapped up our month-long break with a week in the Outer Banks capped off with a family visit in Virginia. Then today, BAM! back to school and work and not having my husband around Read More