Month: July 2013

{WIWS} Returns And Escapes

She’s back, she’s back!!! And for the record, she would like it known that she did not miss me at all. Which is fine, fine. I’m glad she fully enjoyed camp with only a minor recurrence of symptoms and didn’t miss us at all. It’s not like I was here, covered with poop, wishing for Read More

{SQT} Hosting Third World Visitors

I’m going to start with something light: 1.  I always thought earrings went on ears, but maybe that’s why I’m not known for my fashion sense or home decor. 2. And now a mystery! What do you suppose this is a photo of?? If you answered “Seventeen lab vials that need to be filled with Read More

{FF} Pulling It Together To Stay In The Game

Coming to you from my favorite corner of the living room couch, day 3 of the seven-day blog-a-thon! Yes, I’m well aware I didn’t post yesterday. Instead I spent most of my time curled up on the couch trying to convince myself I wasn’t sick while my intestines argued otherwise. Today, I’m trying to take Read More

Day One; In The Planning Stages

Day 1 of the seven day blogging challenge: GO! *crickets…….* Why does this feel more painful than a seven day Jillian Michael’s workout? So this will be my one rambly post where I throw my scattered thoughts at you and try to wrap it up neatly without boring you to tears. Today is a day Read More

{WIWS} Aiming High While Spirits Are Low

The only members of my family holding down their food following Saturday’s Vigil Mass. Skirt, shirt: Burlington Coat Factory Doing Mass in shifts this weekend due to a nasty stomach bug. First Byron fell victim, then Tony, Addie, Teddy, Edie and finally Fulton. I’m the last one still standing. Since Fulton has a specialist’s appointment Read More

St. Anthony, Help Me Find…

Shortly before our vacation, someone I follow on Instagram posted a photo of St. Anthony with a caption that suggested asking this great saint to find more for us then our car keys. (I still can’t figure out who originally posted the idea, so I’m unable to give credit where it’s due.) A great doctor Read More

{FF} If I Knew Any Cliches About the Midwest, I’d Insert Them Here

I’m back, I’m back…just barely. A big shout out to Chicago and all its congested roadways for robbing me of three hours of my life that I’ll never recover. If the opportunity to repay Chi-town (see definition #6) with several hours of dissatisfied toddler tantrum and endless five-year old questioning ever arises, you know it’s Read More

{FF} Music For The Long Times Ahead

Tomorrow I’m headed across state lines. But before I get outta Dodge without raising the ire of the sheriff, I must tie up a few loose ends as I doubt I’ll get much chance to write over the next twelve days. First, don’t forget to enter my giveaway sponsored by Just 11 Stitches! The winner Read More