Month: August 2013

Last Parasite Report: Ending Summer On A High

I’m pretty sure you must all be sick and tired of reading about the ongoing poop fest at our house. So this, I promise you, will be the last post on said subject. And I’ll throw in some other deep reflective thoughts to end it on a real perky note. Currently we’re waiting on lab Read More

{SQT} How To Stop Hating Facebook

There are two kinds of people; those who hate Facebook, but are on it anyway, and those who hate Facebook and actually stay off of it for months, maybe years. I don’t know anyone who gushes about how great Facebook is. Usually, it’s complaints about online drama. From that awkward, vague status someone posted that Read More

{WIWS} Still Running In Circles

Does anyone care what I wore yesterday at this point? But, I forced my husband to take pictures so, for his sake, I’m getting this post up. I was prevented from doing so yesterday since, you know, church and practically everyone in my house relapsing to Cyclosporiasis! Here’s me freaking out: And now “the nice Read More

{35K4SMA} Only Six More To Go

Waiting on pins and needles? Wait no more! I’m alive! Contrary to all my predictions, my first 5K did not kill me, just aged me only ever so slightly. (But that was because I forgot to wear my glasses and almost got myself lost in the wilds of Camden.) The weather was too perfect for Read More

{p,h,f,r} Natural Wonder Overload

Linking up again for the first time in ages with everyone at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Just so you don’t forget how I roll around here, I’m going to start off with my trademark sunset. {pretty} WOOT! I think it’s very fitting that on the feast of St. Laurence the sky at dusk resembled a Read More

{WIWS} Too Much Sauciness

Taking a break from the ratty t-shirt, smelly sneaker combo to bring you another episode of What I Wore Sunday chock full of sauciness and splatterings of tomato. Shirt: Old Navy Tank: Old Navy Skirt: Target Stockpot: Gift, probably purchased at Ollie’s, which currently has a layer of blackened tomatoes firmly cemented to the bottom. Read More

{SQT} Training For The Rest Of Us

Thank you for all the early support for 35K For SMA! Solicitation letters and emails are in the works! I registered for my first race and after next Saturday, press releases are going out, because it’s go big or go home around here! (All the exclamation points all the time!!!!!) At least until the school Read More

{35K4SMA} The Craziness Begins

First off; if you’re going to post that you’ve got an exciting announcement coming you should realize two things. 1. People will assume its much cooler and greater than what you’re actually going to do. 2. Your parents should be notified first so they don’t freak out and expect some horrible bombshell. (Sorry mom!) So Read More

{WIWS} There Is No Silver Lining

I almost didn’t make it back to blogging. I was this close to having a mental breakdown and going all “yellow wallpaper” on everybody. On Friday, after four days at the beach, I got the phone call I was waiting for; lab results! But when our pediatrician nonchalantly¬†announced that none of the samples were tested Read More