Month: September 2013

My 30s Kick My 20s Butt

Without any wordy introduction or deep meditation, six reasons I’m happier in my thirties than my twenties. (Or, what I tried to write on Friday but couldn’t due to birthday mush brain, the only apparent downside to turning 35.) 1. I’ve learned success is not about money. I’m happy with much less than what I thought Read More

Happy Birthday To Me! I’m Going To Die!

It’s my birthday! So for the next hour until certain someones starts demanding all my attention I can do whatever I want! Maybe go rock climbing, try out some extreme ironing or blog in my nightgown with a steamy cup of coffee. You can see where this is headed… Why not celebrate the anniversary of Read More

The Bacon Bar Is Open

I apologize in advance if reading this post makes you want to booze up in the A.M. I recommend waiting until at least 3 p.m. before busting out the cocktail shaker and taking these beverages for a test drive. No matter how “breakfasty” they may seem, at 70 proof, Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon liquor will Read More

{WIWS} I’m Not Wearing A Dirndl

It’s another episode of What I Wore Sunday, combined with a lackluster summary of our weekend. I didn’t want to bore you on Friday with seven low lights from our week, so you’ll have to take what you can get here. Let the potporri begin! First, the high fashion you’ve come to expect. Dress: Goodwill Read More

Exposing Pre-Phase Three Syndrome

Ladies, if you and your spouse are practicing NFP and attempting to space your children due to the gravest of circumstances, your husband may be suffering with PPT, or Pre-Phase Three syndrome! In the days leading up to phase three, you may notice the following in your husband; An increasing interest in the date. An Read More

The Meal Planner

Who doesn’t love the look of a fresh meal plan stuck to the front of the fridge? Nothing says ‘competent mature adult’ like the ability to plan a week of dinners.If you search the web or Pinterest you’ll see no shortage of menus, planners, tips, printables, etc to help you transition your life from one Read More

{35K4SMA} A Mud Run In Verse Or Why I Find Them A Curse

One bright and fall-ish morning, just after Mass was done, I dropped my kids at CCD and rushed off to a mud run. Dressed in old sneakers, with my logo’d t-shirt worn with pride, I added leggings with my snakeskin, my undies wherefore to hide. My stomach was in knots at this experience so new, Read More

{SQT} Bats, Ice Cream Cake And Keeping Everyone Happy

Nothing like trying to cobble something together the day after a successful post. No self-imposed pressure hear folks. 1. I start by sending you elsewhere to read the wisdom of the Universal Homeschool Mom translator. There are several I could add to this, many, many of which might include Latin, but I’ll save that for Read More

Time To Call the Waaaaaaaambulance; Some Food For Thought With Your Whine

Complaining; it is at the root of every homeschooling mother’s desire to tap into that box of wine by 3 p.m.  Or Mike’s Cranberry Hard Lemonade…whatevers in your fridge chillin’. Yes, I had a sucky Monday, which was not surprising because it’s impossible to start two weeks in a row off on the right foot. Read More

{WIWS} Bacon You Can Wear

Y’all know I’m a Lila Rose fan, but Flexi love aside, I just scored the coolest hair clips EVER. They combine my love of bacon  in a practical, ready to wear, grease free form.  A friend found these for me and passed them along, and I’m so glad she did! Look at how well they Read More

{SQT} Fast And Furious Starting at Five

Time for some quick takes. Right out of the starting gate, 1. Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging with some frequency this week. (Yes I have and yes, you’re impressed.) The secret to this burst in posts is waking up at 5 a.m. I know, I can’t believe it either. A week ago, I would’ve Read More

This Old Schoolhouse or Keeping The Madness Contained

Inspired by the stunning array of homeschool classrooms that are clogging my Pinterest feed, I thought I would show the layout of our school room to 1. alleviate your fears that homeschooling must be done in a replica Montessori classroom and 2. show that a dedicated space for school work is helpful. Our house is Read More

Five Reasons We Homeschool

It’s all homeschool all the time! How was your first day? Ours was significantly better than last years; which may or may not be due to the copious amounts of frozen yogurt that were consumed. I also allowed them to check out several comic books (Superman from the 40s!) at the library, which I usually Read More

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