Month: November 2013

{SQT} {WIWS} Sunday Dump

This here will be one of them thar posts where I dump a ton of random stuff on you and then walk away for bit. It’s really fall, even in New Jersey. Exhibit A: massive left piles that will rot into the ground all winter and kill the spring grass. Exhibit B: Beach withdraw, which Read More

Third Person Thursday: I Thought They Migrated

They’d stayed up too late once again. Kelly fumbled with the alarm on her iPod; 5:30 a.m. or 5 a.m.  She couldn’t decide and threw it on the bookshelf before crawling under the comforter. Tony clicked off the lights and snuggled in next to her. They chatted softly for a few minutes before both started Read More

{WWRW} & {FF} A Book For All Seasons

I’m not going to call this a ‘gift guide’ but, let’s just say you can’t go wrong scanning my favorites, clicking over to my Pinterest board and taking notes for those hard to shop for Catholic women on your list. (Ladies quick! Email this post to your husbands!!)  Between being a bad blogger, a poor Read More

{SQT} ENFJ Gift Guide, Because I Can’t Help Being Organized

I’m on a gift guide kick this week. I created four lists on Etsy to help my readers find the best handmade and Catholic gifts for men, women, children and extended family and friends. But it wasn’t enough. Who was left? Then I started thinking about all those trendy bloggers talking about their Myers Briggs Read More

Third Person Thursday: A Gruesome Discovery

Kelly surveyed the cramped interior. It was even worse than she imaged; like something from a scene in ‘The Shining.’  There were red stains from floor to ceiling, and upon closer examination, a leg bone could be seen peeking out from under the bench. Her emotions fluctuated between anger and panic. How could she clean Read More

{MMD} Your Opportunity To Browse

Anne is inviting her readers to share their bookshelves, and I couldn’t resist. When I read her post about scanning the bookshelves in the homes she visited, I instinctively nodded along. I’ve scanned, and borrowed, many a favorite title from my closest acquaintances. And although I’ve tried to upload my library to Library Thing or Read More

{FF} For All Your Favorites This Christmas

I’ve had several friends mention online that they’re either well into Christmas shopping or, gasp, they’ve completed it altogether. I’ve never been one who gets too much accomplished before December, at least in the gift department. I often try to make gifts. The result is numerous late night crafting sessions that do little to emulate Read More

{SQT} Seven Pictures for the Uninitiated

Swiping the always lovey Jen’s idea and, after an exhaustive five minute scroll through my media files, sharing seven photos that tell you everything you need to know about my blog. 1. Me in ridiculous poses, selfies and outfits. I never received enough attention as a child so I constantly plaster myself all over this Read More

Third Person Thursday

In honor of NaNoWriMo I present ‘Third Person Thursday’. Just something different to help me in my fiction writing journey. If you’re so inclined, join me. I’d love to read about your morning/afternoon/ trip to Target in the third person. Leave a link in the comments.  Kelly stared into her coffee. For a moment, she Read More

Reading and Writing

I have a new-found respect for authors. Certainly I knew penning my first novel wouldn’t be easy, but, as evidenced by the embarrassingly low word count you can view on my sidebar, I’m finding it almost impossible to find time to write. Certainly, my new schedule of waking up at 5 a.m. helps, but only Read More

{SQT} It’s All About The Walker Baby

So Kelly, what have you been up to during the last month? Oh you know, just saving every box that came into our house so I could make a cardboard AT-ST Walker costume for Halloween. “Does the UPS man have a package for us today??? Kids, chase his truck and see if he’ll throw us Read More