Month: December 2013

13 in 13: A Year In Pictures And Wordy Captions

Coming to you live from the sixth day of mirth and merriment inside the twelve days of Christmas! Last year, Dwija hosted a ’12 in 12′ photo link-up. Over a few glasses of spiked something recently, I was thinking of it, got nostalgic and immediately ran to my computer and started scrolling through old posts Read More

The Party Is Just Getting Started

Long after most of our secular society has set aside it’s festive music, food and merriment, the Catholic Church continues to rejoice in the birth of our Savior. For 12 days following Christmas day, as in the traditional carol, we are encouraged to celebrate with all the gusto the rest of the world partook in Read More

Why Are You Here? Go Celebrate And Eat Cookies!

Merry Christmas to all my readers and their families! May you enjoy the season surrounded by your loved ones.   The power is there to make us different than we are; it is for our freedom to decide if we will respond, and if we are willing to pay the price of having the dross Read More

Handmade Bookmarks: When You Needed a Present Yesterday

I’m guest posting at Susan’s today about handmade bookmarks. They make a great gift and are easy to make with items easily found around your house. Even the littlest member of the family can help. (Whether you bust out the glitter is up to you.) Be sure to stop by Sole Searching Mama for all Read More

{FF} The Posts With The Most

Joining up with Sarah and Hallie for a recap of five (give or take a few) of my favorite posts from 2013. If you’re a new reader, or one of the few who jumped on this crazy train when it first left the station, take a stroll with me down memory lane and relive 2013 Read More

When Money Is No Object, Click Through To Shop Here

Like most bloggers, I’m an Amazon affiliate. This time of year, we all appreciate when our readers click-through the Amazon links and ads and make a purchase. We get a very small percentage of that transaction, and after lots of such shoppers, we get paid. I use Amazon for many medical items; bulk Miralax, exam Read More

Using The Amazon Wish List Feature to Reduce Gift Giving Stress

As much as I love the idea of buying small, handmade and local gifts, typically the majority of my Christmas shopping starts around NOW in December, at which point most crafters are out of stock or unable to take my order thanks to all the responsible gift buyers out there. More often than not, I’m Read More

The Burden of Bad Habits

I don’t know what it was about yesterday; maybe the fact that I had to drag everyone out to the dentist and music lesson. Maybe it was all the snow and mud Fulton’s wheelchair kept bringing into the house. Maybe it was just lack of sleep or hunger. But whatever the reason, as we drove Read More

#35K4SMA You Guys Are More Awesome Than My Sweater

*MWAH!* That’s the sound of me giving each of my wonderful friends a huge smooch on the cheek. That includes you bloggy readers! In anticipate of Saturday’s Ugly Sweater Run, I spent a chunk of time last week spreading the word about 35K For SMA over as much of social media land as I could, Read More

{SQT} I’m Not As Bitter As I Sound…Bah Humbug

Having just completed all the laundry from our trip out of town over Thanksgiving, I can finally sit down and blog without getting dagger eyes from the mountain of clothes in my living room. However, I’m considering instituting a few days of nudity next week so we can all stop producing so much dirty laundry. Read More

{WWRW} “Yes, God!” The Book That Proves I’m Not Screwing My Kids Up -GIVEAWAY!

A new friend loaned me Susie Lloyd’s first book, Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water! when I was a mother of only three and trying to find my place in a new state, new home and new parish. I remember reading that book and, between the belly laughs, finding sweet relief that being a Catholic, attending a Read More