Month: January 2014

{SQT} You Know It’s Cabin Fever When…

People, I’m allergic to polar vortex. To everyone who suggested I move to BUFFALO, NY you are out of your freakin’ minds. Temperatures here have frozen our van’s wheelchair lift, and made it downright impossible to get out with everyone. So all week, I’ve been here, at home, feeding the wood stove  continuously while piling Read More

FINGERLESS MITTENS, And Other Deep Thoughts On Winter, Plus A Giveaway

When I was an intern at my hometown newspaper many, many years ago, every day that didn’t have a major breaking news story meant that one of us interns got sent out to write a weather story; usually about how hot it was because, you know, SUMMER. I don’t even remember how many boring articles Read More

Livin’ It Up, Anti-Lyceum Style

I’d hardly say I’m a lifestyle blogger. But, never one to shy away from a challenge, I finally decided to go there in full Martha Stewart glory. Behold, seven pages from “Livin’” a lifestyle magazine devoted to food, family, fashion and decorating: Kelly Mantoan style. 1. The cover. I donned my usual robe, and a Read More

Miracles Do Happen

On Sunday, we heard my favorite Gospel story. It’s the miracle of Jesus turning the water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana. His first public miracle, done at the request of his mother. Ever time I hear the story, I glean something new from it. This year, I thought it was fitting that Read More

{SQT} So Many Theme Songs, So Little Time

Wrapping up the week quick takes style; fortified with vitamins W T H. Okay, so based on a very deep discussion I had with my mom and husband, this week it’s all about the TV show theme song. (No wait new reader come back!) As I was loudly singing the ‘Dukes of Hazard’ theme song Read More

The Truth About Your Favorite Blogs

She’s doing it again! The lovely Bonnie from ‘A Knotted Life’ is hosting the Sheenazing Blogger Awards! Did you participate last year? It was so much fun to discover so many new blogs. Maybe it’s when you started hanging out here. I was flattered to receive nominations in many categories and the award for ‘Most Underappreciated Read More

{SQT} Seven Deadly Quick Takes For 2014

Last year I wrote up a post of New Year’s Resolutions. It went something like this: Go To the Outer Banks Write a Book Exercise as a family. Vague Vaguer Maybe this, maybe that Triple Headed Monster Lady It quickly became apparent that many of my goals were too non-specific and thus, worthless. Those that Read More

Be Not Afraid!

Lots o’ favorites to report on up in these chilly parts and I really planned to write a normal Five Favorites post to share them all. But then I got this post in my Feedly last night, and it’s all I can think about. So be sure to read it and then, I’ll thank you Read More

Books I Read Between All The Crazy Moments in My Life

In the ongoing need to organize and analyze every aspect of my life to the point of madness, I’m scanning my Goodreads account and linking up with Haley and Anne because otherwise how will I remember all my favorite books of 2013??? Must. blog. minutiae. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen Covey I Read More

{SQT} Trampolines, Cows, Spam…WOAH!

Merry 10th Day of Christmas! Joining Jen for another haphazard edition of Quick Takes. Backing up… 1.  We got the kids a trampoline for Christmas, although I think they would argue Tony and I bought ourselves a trampoline. Every day that we’ve been home and it’s not snowing or raining, we’ve all been outside. I Read More