Month: February 2014

{SQT} Hot Off the Presses

Only could seven posts in seven days force me to resurrect so many ideas I’ve already had before. Back by popular demand, it’s the second issue of Livin’ Magazine! Enjoy seven pages hot off the presses before MSL Omnimedia sues for another case of near copyright infringement. Or maybe they’ll offer to purchase the rights?? Read More

Third Person Thursday: The Dawn of a New Era

They traipsed into the pews like a herd of elephants. Someone dropped the kneeler to the ground before Fulton’s wheelchair was parked and with a quick twist of his joystick, the whole pew in front of them shifted. “Father really needs to bolt these things down”, Kelly thought to herself while apologizing softly to the Read More

{FF} Lenten Gift Guide

If you mingle anywhere near the Catholic Blog-o-spere you know that Lent is approaching. Even though Ash Wednesday is only a week away, you may still be wondering what to give up and how to best mark the forty days leading to Easter. Maybe you’re starting to panic: which devotional should I read?? Which bloggers Read More

The Big Purse Dump, Vlog Edition

Askew camera angle: check! Lousy special effects: check! Greasy hair, no make up, stained clothes: check! Screaming background sound track: check! Insecurities over the sound of my voice in a recording: check! Looks like I’m all set to premiere my first ever vlog. The kids and I were so excited to work on this together Read More

{LWF} Fulton Has Left The Building

Welcome to part four of my sporadic series ‘Life With Fulton’, where I detail the ins and outs of caring for a child, or children, with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Read previous installments HERE, HERE and HERE. I’m a very social homeschooling mom who lives in a state teeming with homeschooling activities. With Philadelphia only a short drive away, Read More

The Terrible Twos

I’ve gone and done it. Committed myself to another project with no end in sight. History diorama? No, a homeschool blog. Why? That’s what the ‘about’ page is for. But I will add, even homeschooling moms need a little socialization. This blog is for all of us dedicated HSM who need a laugh and a Read More

My Alleged Connections To The Edel Gathering

I mentioned it across social media on Friday, but it’s time to make it blog official, I’m not pregnant, I’m going to Edel in Austin, TX this summer! And right now, with the weather we’re having, July in Texas sounds awesome. But really I’m excited to personally meet so many wonderful people who I currently Read More

REAL Valentines For Today

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day and it seems all the world is cranking out paper hearts, love notes and frantically placing last-minute dinner reservations. Pinterest is awash in red and pink. Poor St. Valentine. What would he think of all this? First, his feast day is moved off the Church’s calendar. Second, his title of ‘Saint’ Read More

Your Child WILL Read

I wasn’t sure how to put these thoughts down on the page, and part of me wondered if I should even try. But something happened this week in our homeschool that put a huge smile on my face. And it was a smile I wanted to share with all the young, struggling homeschooling moms out Read More

Stitch Fix(ings) in Seven Blurry Shots

Guys! I’m so excited! The other day, just out of the blue, this box showed up at my door! 1.  The name sounded vaguely familiar, and then I remembered Stitch Fix, a personal shopping service I first read about on Modern Mrs. Darcy awhile back. Now, the name on the box was a bit off, Read More

{FF} I Heart Dorothy Day

Last week Christy wrote a review about Dorothy Day’s autobiography, ‘ The Long Loneliness’. Day is one of my favorite Catholics and discovering her writings on the Catholic Worker Movement were a major turning point in my life. I know what your thinking, “But wait Kelly, wasn’t she just some wacko peace-nik hippy communist? She Read More

{WIWS} Why I Hate Groundhogs

Yesterday we celebrated Candlemas, also known as the Presentation at the Temple or the Purification of Mary. The term Candlemas refers to the blessings of the candles that are done on this day, which was chosen because of Simeon’s words in the Gospel, Luke 2:32, “A light to the revelation of the Gentiles, and the Read More