Month: March 2014

{SQT} I’m Number One In Searches That Have Nothing To Do With My Blog

Writing up some early quick takes and hoping one of my west coast bloggy pals who know my name, email and how to cut and paste a web address will link me up at Jen’s upon the appointed hour. (Use the pic from #2 please.) Otherwise, I’ll be owning that coveted #214 slot Saturday morning. Read More

How To Plan a Robin Hood Unit Study Your Kids Will Complain About

As we school year round, this is our last week before taking April off. In an attempt to be a “cool” mom, I thought that rather than do just our normal school work, we’d have a fun week filled with Robin Hood themed games and activities. We were already set to cover the classic as Read More

My Childhood Love of Velociraptors was a Lie

For the Feast of St. Joseph, my husband took off work and thought it’d be a great day to visit an animatronic dinosaur exhibit at a museum where our family has a memberships. (I know, animatronic dinosaurs are the first thing I think of too for St. Joe’s day. We also hit Mass so we’re not complete Read More

Makin’ A Statement Thanks To Jenna

Y’all know Jenna from Call Her Happy right? She’s like this crazy embroidery diva. She just started her Stitch-a-Long with a free succulent pattern.  Last week she wrote up and shared another pattern for Lent at  And if all this leaves your fingers cramping because embroidery sounds hard and impossible, she even has a tutorial up Read More

123 : Stealing Your Child’s Youth While Educating Them Like A Boss

This post was written at the request of my three oldest children who are sick to death of the ABC commercials. The idea is theirs, the words mine. For a preschool program I can recommend, visit HERE.  My 18 month old was just trotting around and getting into mischief; laughing loudly, dumping out bins Read More

Mom Is Mad

I’ve been keeping a big secret from you, but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag! My book parody is finished! Read what critics are saying! “I don’t know who this Kelly lady is that keeps emailing me about her book. I finally had to block her IP address.” –Elizabeth Scalia, The Read More

{p,h,f,r} Answers to Rhetorical Questions

A very solemn and penitential Lent to you all. Who’s still feeling the effects of cramming thousands of grams of sugar into their bodies up until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday? Withdrawal Wednesday and onto Good Intentions Thursday, followed by I Can’t Believe I Need To Fast Again Friday. Anyway, I got my Lenten affairs in Read More

Six of Seven and the Accompanying Guilt

Yeah, I know. I missed a day, but I was helping with a scouts camp ALL DAY yesterday and just, seriously…there’s like 300 other bloggers to fill my teeny absence. You didn’t really miss me. My feedly has just been bursting this week, as have my comboxes and Saturdays are when I typically try to Read More