Month: April 2014

Why I Suck At Homesteading And What I Should’ve Learned From The Amish

This June, it will be six years since our family moved into our current home, situated on an acre of land and surrounded on a couple sides by protected farmland, and the other two by subdivisions. It was exactly what we thought we wanted. Shortly after moving to New Jersey almost nine years ago, my Read More

Because #35K4SMA And Zombies

After my Ugly Sweater Run in December. I gave up running for a bit…accidentally. It just got so cold and then the holidays that I thought, well, once things warm up a bit I’ll get back in the habit. But as many of you realize, this was the winter that only ended like, last week, Read More

I’m The Last Woman Who Ever Thought She’d Have Five Kids

Happy Easter! What a great looking family! It’s weird for me to remember that there was a time, many years ago, when I thought I didn’t want kids. I mean, maybe one or two, but only after I’d been married several years and felt ready. When I started dating my husband eighteen years ago, I Read More

Holy Week, Ain’t No Lie

I’m keeping an even lighter blogging schedule this week so I can focus on the important stuff for Holy Week, like trying to buy stuff for my kids’ Easter baskets without them seeing and without giving in to the temptation to eat some of it myself. Stay strong! It’s the home stretch!!!!  I will leave Read More

I Got A Lobster!

Questions, questions, questions. Kendra’s on a nosey streak, and A. Thimons generously bestowed a Lobster Award on me. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a lobster in the past, but truth be told, I don’t think I actually answered the questions. So here’s some answers for y’all,  in reparation for past lobsters and because I’ve been Read More

Incredible! Amazing! Fool Proof! Guaranteed To Work!

Has the title intrigued you? Have you come here seek a quick and easy answer to what ails you? Have you become so desperate that you’ve turned to the search bar on Pinterest to soothe your nerves? Was the claim just so bold and so ridiculous, you had to take the chance and read to Read More

New Web Design Services!

With all the extra time I’m gained this Lent by scaling back on Facebook, I decided to start my own web design business…as opposed to say, spending more time with my kids. A few of my online blogging buddies decided to update their sites and I think everyone is please with the new results. First Read More