Month: May 2014

{SQT} Be Sure To Read To The Bottom

Time to retell all the things from the week of confusion because, Memorial Day. That Monday off throws me every time. 1. Depending on where you live, yesterday was the Feast of the Ascension. (Many dioceses move it to the nearest Sunday, even though Jesus was pretty clear about only spending 40 days on earth, Read More

{p,h,f,r} I’m a Little Oratory Fan Girl

As promised, I’m back this week with some thoughts on Leila’s new book, ‘The Little Oratory, A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home’, co-authored with David Clayton. And a giveaway. I know y’all love a giveaway. Icons, and other forms of religious art, have long held a place of honor in our home. Not Read More

Outside the Classroom: Finding Your Homeschool Community

Saturday found me drooling over stacks of books at my local Catholic homeschool conference. I have more self-control than I used to, but my heart still races when I walk past some of those tables of new, glossy books. How can I not NEED every. single. one?! But the other great thing about that conference Read More

{p,h,f,r} An Answer to Prayer

A couple of weeks back I linked up with the lovely ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter to share the joy of my daughter’s First Holy Communion, but also to put in a sincere prayer request. Let me tell you, you guys and God were really working overtime, with some pretty amazing results. Please keep Read More

Kids vs Dogs; The Big Differences

We’ve pretty seamlessly fallen into the routines of dog ownership again. The Baroness has quickly become the ideal companion for me as I read in bed, the perfect pal for Edie to romp with through the yard and the snuggliest pillow for Teddy to lay his head… not that that lasts for very long. It’s Read More


I’m so excited to reveal my bevy of Something Other Than God contest entries. I know I could’ve just emailed them all to Jen and crossed my fingers, but what’s the fun in that? I’m a firm believer in the power of social media, and since some of these entries are based on merit, feel Read More

{p,h,f,r} Milestones and Additions

Linking up at Like Mother, Like Daughter because this was a week for pictures! {pretty} Edith Arlene’s First Holy Communion! I didn’t forget all the hype I’d given this dress. I’ve got the pictures I promised, but not nearly as many as I anticipated. Thankfully, many other families were snapping shots during the ceremony and Read More

{SQT} Lancaster, Laughing and the Lord’s Body and Blood

Let us enter in together, in fellowship, over seven of my most disjointed takes. This week…this. week. …I feel like it’s still Lent, except that I pushed through the stress, frenzied housework, brief head cold and pulled hamstring with the aid of stolen Easter candy. I’m behind in all the important things like reading blogs and Read More