Month: July 2014

EDEL ’14 : Snapshots and Flo Rida

I’m going to the beach in two hours, so I can’t type out all the awesome that was Edel 2014. All I can do is drop a few pictures and captions in, as time and wifi permit, along with a blurry karaoke video that might be my ticket to viral online success. Safe to say, Read More

Out Of Office Auto-Reply

This is a recording. The blogger you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. If it’s an emergency and you need to reach this blogger for a laugh or a smile, please visit her landing page at Kelly Mantoan: Flavors. me to view her every crazy video, tweet and status update from what is sure Read More

Expectations vs Reality: You mean, all kids are different?!

Today I’m happy to be joining up with Amy from Go Forth and Mother for her year-long ‘Happy Wife Project’. This week I’m writing about my expectations of motherhood vs the reality of motherhood. When you’re done here, be sure to check out the other bloggers on the tour! I’ve listed them all at the Read More

{AMT} In Which I Tell You Random Things About Myself and Offer a Prize for Making it to the Bottom

Linking up with Kendra and offering free books at the same time. Because why the heck not? 1.What’s something you’ve won and how did you win it? Probably the only thing I’ve won in recent years was the Sheenazing Award for Most Under-Appreciated Blogger in 2013. Otherwise, I have to think back more than a Read More

How to Start a Family Prayer Time

  After the table is cleared, at least partially, our family gathers in the living room for family prayer time. We can manage three decades of a rosary, a litany of Saints, and maybe even a reading on a feast day or season. On any given evening, between my five kids, there is still rosary Read More

{SQT} The (adjective) Quick Takes Ever! “(Exclamation)!”

It’s already the middle of summer and all around me I see friends, family and fellow bloggers dropping off the face of the virtual world as they enjoy the beautiful weather and numerous over-commitments that this season brings. Two weddings, a picnic, family vacation and bible school? Sounds great for the first week of July Read More

Gifts For ALL the Men in Your Life: Even the Ones You Don’t Have

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Man Crates asking, or practically begging me, to suggest some new gift ideas for men. If you’re not familiar with Man Crates: We say ‘no’ to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don’t save wrapping paper, we don’t do ribbons. We ship brag-worthy gifts Read More

{FF} Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot in the Kitchen

This post could also be titled, “It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Stop Cooking With The Oven”. (I. am. getting so hot, I need to turn my oven off!!) As we’re coming into July with all the festivities of the fourth looming in the very near future, I wanted to share some of my favorite Read More

Theme Songs or Why I’m Choked Up Before Breakfast

Jen posted some of her theme songs today, and I thought it would be a great thing to post a few of my own. First, the song that best sums up Tony and I, and our marriage, is Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by Mel Carter. We danced to it at our wedding, and Read More