Month: September 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure, or Take Control of Your Life For Once

Who remembers the original ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books? I read every copy from our school’s library, but admittedly, I had a love hate relationship with the whole premise. I would go through and rather than select one path, I would preview both to see which would allow me to continue on rather than die. Read More

Seven Things To Do When A Loved One’s Child Receives A Life Changing Medical Diagnosis

Lately I’ve been receiving a bunch of emails from people facing difficult medical diagnosis’, either of their child or the child of a close friend or family member. First, I’m deeply humbled that these people haven chosen to reach out to me (of all people) to seek advice. I mean, how do they know I’m Read More

That Time We Went To The Library

A week or so back, Tony went on retreat for a long weekend. …with my blessing of course. I wasn’t at all concerned about holding down the fort for four days and three nights. Granted, I did mentally prepare of list of people to call in the event a bat entered my home while he Read More

{SQT} Lets Be Honest About Some Toys

With four of our kids celebrating birthdays this fall, plus Christmas looming on the horizon, we’ve officially entered the season of the gimmes in our house. I try my darndest to check the reviews of an item before I let my kids add it to a wish list or tell grandma about it. But sometimes, Read More

Blogging Advice From A Name You Can Trust

Just yesterday I didn’t receive another email containing several questions pertaining to blogging. These non-existent emails didn’t contain questions like “How do I start a blog?”, “How do I grow my blog?”,  “How can I monetize my blog?”. Well, today I thought I’d answer the tough questions no ones actually asked me and share all Read More

Q&A on the Pause in the Cause of Arbp. Fulton J. Sheen

I have tried to take all the information concerning the recent halt of Arbp. Fulton Sheen’s cause and compile it in a way that answers some of the most common questions I have seen popping up around the web. Please see my footnotes or leave a comment if you have a question on anything presented Read More

{FF} What a Mom Wants, What a Mom Needs

Jumping head first into the deep end of Five Favorites once again and trying my hardest to not keep linking up with Heather or Hallie out of habit. (So see ladies, in the end it wasn’t some creepy internet stalker! Old habits die hard!) I mentioned in an earlier post how important it is to Read More

{SQT} I Write, I Tweet and I Beg for Money to Speak

It’s Monday! How about I type up all the random stuff I was going to write about on Friday but didn’t? Thank you for your understanding. 1. We finished our first week of school without much more drama. The early morning wake ups weren’t that big a deal after Tuesday. Although, as early mornings used Read More

Not the Usual Back to School Post

Did you survive your first day back to school? To my public/ private school friends, did you weep tears of joy or relief at sending your growing babies away on the bus? To my homeschooling sisters, did everyone make it through the day without tears??? I only had four of my five cry, so I Read More