Month: October 2014

Halloween Costume Companies: WTH?

Halloween costume companies, this post is for you. Usually, I try to stay clear of all your over priced merchandise, but lately it seems you’re on a mission to drag my family into the moral vacuum of your wares. It started in July, freaking July, when my kids should still be excited about boardwalk food, Read More

{wiws} The Pencil Skirt is No. 2 In My Heart

It seems last week’s WIWS link up never materialized. I hope I didn’t break something. But the capsule wardrobe frenzy is off and running around here. Even Kendra’s on board, and she’s started a link up so, I guess I might be over there partying on the bandwagon. This week, I introduce y’all to my Read More

{SQT} From The Bottom to the Top, it’s the Week that won’t Stop!

It’s time for takes of the quickest variety. Low-fat, gluten-free and with only a slight aftertaste. 1. We carved pumpkins…last week. I’m telling you know because I feel obligated to give a follow-up after my pumpkin carving post from earlier this month . We had fun decorating and carving while Tony’s aunt from the midwest Read More

Free Fall Printables! Because Your House Isn’t Seasonal Enough.

The temperatures are dipping, the leaves are changing and the wood stove is cooking (at least occasionally.) It finally feels like fall in Jersey. We even got pumpkins carved and placed out on the front steps before October 31st. Inside, as usual, things are rather sparse. Once again, I turned to my mainstay Pinterest for some Read More

{WIWS} Dusting Off An Old Favorite

For the first time in months (a year??) I’m linking up with What I Wore Sunday over at Fine Linen and Purple. Bonnie jumped back into it a couple of weeks ago and I thought, “Well, if Bonnie’s doing it, I gotta get back into it.” (And for the record, I’d totally follow Bonnie off Read More

The Homeschool Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Have you created a capsule wardrobe? What’s in your fall capsule? Have you encapsulated your life into 37 easy pieces??? You will magically look thinner, happier and have more style if you minimize your wardrobe to astronaut standards!!! Or cosmonaut standards. Whatever. Check out this gal’s sweet orange jumpsuit. And look how well everything fits Read More

After 13 Years, It’s Still Serious

Today, my husband and I celebrated thirteen years of marriage. Clearly, we’ve left the honeymoon years and thankfully, survived the seven-year itch. Since we’re entering what can only be called the teenage years of our marriage, it seemed only fitting that we mark the day as adolescents and act out in wild and rebellious ways. Tony had Columbus Read More

The Book I Love to Hate

People, this book has ruined my life. I read several good reviews and was totally stoked when I picked it up in Barnes and Noble on a date with the hubs. I needed it so bad I spent full price on it. I cannot even tell you the last time that happened, cause me and Amazon used Read More

Pumpkin Guts and Spice and Everything Nice

  I’m linking up with lots o’ lovely ladies today to share some of my favorite fall decorations. Namely, pumpkins or jack o’ lanterns. Growing up, my parents were never keen to carve pumpkins, so my sister and I would each decorate a pumpkin with paint or markers. I vowed that when I was older Read More

Ultimate Hobbit Party Resource; Or So I Hope

On Saturday, we brought a little bit of Middle-Earth to South Jersey for my oldest’s birthday party. Ever since reading about this Hobbit party my kids have wanted to host an all day feast. While I couldn’t agree to that, we did invite people over for five hours, three courses, games and general merriment. Addie Read More

How Can I Pray for You?

It’s 40 hours this weekend at my parish. Time to bring up a couple oldies but goodies from the archive!   (For the record, she is still concerned about the length of the Mass.) Leave your prayer requests in the comments for me to take to my holy hour. Happy weekend readers! UPDATED: DONE! Read More