Month: December 2014

12 in 2014: Photos I’m Not Trying to Forget

Dwija does it again with a 12 in 2014 Photo Link Up! This thing is a Christmas tradition for me, just like eating candy for breakfast and collecting gift receipts! So, how did my year look?   January- It was pretty much the coldest winter ever and I hated every minute of it.    February-The Read More

Top Posts of 2014 According to Tea Leaves, Lunar Phases and a Spirit Journey Completed with a Jackal

On the fifth day of Christmas my favorite blogger gave to me, a listing of her top five blog posts!!!!! (Don’t tell me you’d prefer golden rings because that’s not in my budget.) My family is still in celebration mode; and I’ve got the bloat and horrible skin to prove it. Plus, I think we Read More

Ghost of Christmas Past

Before I sign off for the Christmas season (not all of it, just until next week), I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas memories. This year, as a present to my parents, I’ve offered to sort through all their old photos, currently tossed hither and thither throughout their house and attempt to put Read More

{SQT} Big City Travels With My Biggest Boy

After spending the day, carefully guiding my son through the wilds of NYC there’s nothing I’d rather do than sit down and hammer out some Quick Takes especially for y’all!   1. Quick Takes logos are still coming in, so I’ve decided to extend the deadline.  We’ll be off next week for Christmas, so I’ll Read More

Who Wants a Christmas Card?

I’m not sure if I’m going to bother sending out Christmas cards this year. I haven’t bought any beautiful religious cards and our recent family photo attempts have been less than stellar. I don’t think I can even order custom cards at this point…unless I plan on mailing them out in January. I’ve been getting Read More

{SQT} New Logos, Christmas Shopping and Cutting All Ties With My Commercial Cameo

Welcome back friends, it’s starting to feel more like home isn’t it? Maybe if you take off your shoes, loosen your belt buckle and prop up your feet…now, that’s better isn’t it?   1. Obviously, some things need to be updated. Princess Royal Rabbit, a.k.a. Christine, has got the ball rolling, but I know that less Read More

Why ‘The Best Laid Plans’ Kicks Your Planner’s Butt

You know I’ve created a planner, and maybe you’re thinking, “Kelly, why should I spend money on your planner when I can just download some free printables from this other site, or purchase something at Target?” Maybe you even have a planner you love, and aren’t in the market for a new one. Today’s post Read More

You Don’t Have to Be Alone Anymore! catholicmatch(maker) is Here!

Facing the holidays alone? Wondering why everyone else around you seems to have found that special someone? You’ve tried hanging at bars, going on blind dates, making an account on every online dating site and still nothing. Don’t give up! There is still hope! Welcome to Catholic Match(maker). We go beyond the detailed questionnaires and Read More

{SQT} Head Exploding From All the Awesomeness

Reunited and it feel so good! Oh, I’ve missed you all; my readers, my Facebook friends, my followers on Instagram and  Twitter. It is like coming out of the desert to face a table laid with a bounty of gossip, current affairs, friendly banter, perfectly filtered pictures and spam. For almost two weeks I was Read More